The 4 Winter Car Seat Covers You Need this Season


Frigid temperatures, blowing snow, icy streets. Unless you’re a superhuman who enjoys shivering and is comfortably numb as Pink Floyd, you’d rather bundle up in a blanket cocoon and stay home until spring. Adulting needs to happen, though, so your choices are between suffering through the winter and equipping yourself to get through it with as little discomfort and frostbite as possible. 

Start with your car’s comfort. If you’ve sat in the driver’s seat of any vehicle midwinter, you know how miserable it is. The cold shocks you straight through your seat bottom and induces tremors and chattering teeth right off the bat. Leather seats might be the worst for it, but there’s really no good factory seats for the cold. They’re all cardboard stiff and emanate deep-freeze temperatures you have to combat with body heat. 

Your winter car essentials should include seat covers that cut the chill. If there’s any hope of keeping warm and cozy in your car this winter, it’s because you’ve found the best winter car seat cover set at AutoAnything. You’re welcome in advance. 

What Makes a Great Winter Car Seat Cover?

If you’re shopping for winter car covers for your seats, how do you know which ones to select?

There aren’t many that tout an ability to prevent hypothermia on the packaging. But you can rely on your eleventh-grade physics knowledge to make your selection.

It’s all about the insulation factor. We aren’t talking about the material’s thickness, though. At least not exclusively. You also need airspace. Think about your home’s insulation in the walls. The fluffy pink batting that’s stuffed between the studs only insulates your home if it isn’t packed too tightly. It’s that same premise that you should rely on for your seat cover selection. 

You’ll want to find a material that plenty of air to be trapped around you. The air does two things: it prevents the cold from penetrating through the fabric and into your body, and it reflects your body heat back to you. 

Here are four warm and cuddly winter car seat covers you should check out.

1. Superlamb Tailor-Made Sheepskin Seat Covers

From $521.99 per pair

Science – it’s what makes sheepskin car seat covers the perfect choice for winter. Sheepskin is known as ‘nature’s thermostat’ for its insulating properties in year-round weather. Thick-piled wool traps a super-layer of air in the hairs, keeping your body temperature on an even keel in any climate. 

Superlamb sheepskin seat covers are made from genuine lambskin with the wool attached. Sourced from top-quality Australian and New Zealand sheep, these are the winter seat covers you’ll nestle your body into every time you’re in your car. 

Coincidentally, lambskin seat covers are just as comfortable in the summer as the winter. Seriously. The lofty wool layer vents excess body heat to mitigate that nasty back drip. 

As the name states, these sheepskin seat covers are truly tailor-made. Every order is custom sewn for the vehicle they’ll be installed on. That might mean it takes a little longer for them to arrive than an off-the-shelf set, but the wait is worth it. They’re handmade in the USA and carry a manufacturer’s 2-year warranty on materials and workmanship. 

Caring for Superlamb sheepskin car seat covers is simple. When the surface starts to look a little matted or pressed down, a light brushing is all it takes to restore the fluffiness you need to keep warm. 

Make no mistake – sheepskin seat covers are among the best winter car seat covers you will find anywhere. Their price tag reflects the quality, starting at $521.99 per pair, but it’s a purchase you won’t regret.

2. Superlamb Semi-Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers

superlamb sheepskin seat coversFrom $335.99 per row

Loving the idea of custom sheepskin seat covers but can’t swing the price? Superlamb has an option for you too. Instead of their tailor-made covers, you can choose a semi-custom set that gives you the comfort and warmth of sheepskin at a more affordable price point. 

Superlamb Semi-Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers are made from the same genuine Australian sheepskin with ⅞- to 1-inch thick pile. If you’ve felt the chill from sitting on a factory seat in sub-zero temperatures, it’ll blow your mind when you try these out – it’s almost like they’re pre-heated for you. 

Because they aren’t 100% custom cut and hand-sewn for your car, they use double elastic trim to keep them in place on your car’s seats. It’s the trade-off for their lower price tag, but you may not notice much of a difference. They’re available in six colors and are backed by a 2-year warranty. 

For just $335.99 per row, these Superlamb Semi-Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers seem like an intelligent compromise, no?

3. Coverking SnugglePlush Custom Seat Covers

Coverking SnuggleplushFrom 256.49 per row

Since sheepskin is quite literally the hide from real sheep, you may feel a little uneasy making that choice. There’s a material that provides a similar look and feel to sheepskin but made from synthetic fibers instead. Coverking SnugglePlush Custom Seat Covers are made of plush microfiber.

Like sheepskin, SnugglePlush seat covers have high pile for what they call a ‘fur-like fabric’. If the fur is from teddy bears, then it’s an accurate comparison. This thick layer of fluffy cushioning has the same effect as wool, trapping air in its fibers to insulate against the cold. Upping the ante a little further is a ½-inch thick high-density foam backing that adds even more insulating factor for these seat covers.

Coverking manufactures these seat covers using military-grade poly-cotton-blend Cordura. They won’t hold up to enemy fire, but they’re certainly strong enough to last for years without showing signs of wear. They’re backed by a 2-year warranty, too, just in case of a rare manufacturer’s defect. 

Since Coverking’s SnugglePlush seat covers are custom-made for a perfect fit, they supply installation tools to help you get them in place. What’s impressive about these winter car seat covers is they also include console covers for your vehicle (if equipped) so you have a consistent look throughout.

You’ll get into a set of these SnugglePlush seat covers for a great price too, starting at only $256.49 per row. 

4. Saddleman Neoprene Seat Covers

Saddleman Neoprene Seat Covers
Saddleman Neoprene Seat Covers

From $199.99 per row

You’re not going snorkeling in the snow, so why would neoprene seat covers be a good choice for winter? Contrary to popular belief, neoprene is great for more than just waterproof clothing for tropical underwater adventures. Although, we all know what snow turns into when it melts…

Anyway, Neoprene itself is an intriguing material. It’s the first successful synthesized rubber and just happens to have tiny air pockets inside. In fact, the more air that neoprene contains, the less moisture is allowed to penetrate it. And what have we already learned about trapping air? That’s right, it’s an insulating force. For that reason, neoprene is a fantastic option for winter car seat covers. 

Adding to the insulation slightly is the fabric layer on Saddleman Neoprene Seat Covers. Sure, there are a handful of color combinations to choose from, but the true benefit is an extra bit of air captured in the fabric topping. Every little bit helps. 

And what comes along with the cold temperatures in winter? Snow and ice.

When your car warms up, these frozen substances change state to their liquid form. We already know that neoprene is waterproof, so tossing a snow-laden ski jacket on the backseat isn’t an indictable offense. Just wipe the water up.

Saddleman Neoprene Seat Covers are made to order, guaranteeing a perfect, snug fit every time. Included with your order are headrests and armrest covers, if applicable, and all the easy-to-use buckles to keep your seat covers firmly in place. 

Neoprene seat covers are rather affordable for such a high-quality product. You can get these ones starting at $199.99 per row.

Don’t Forget to Put These Covercraft Seat Heaters Under Your Winter Car Seat Covers

If you missed out on heated seats as factory equipment on your car, truck, van, or SUV, you’ve probably wept bitterly in regret on the really cold days. And to add emphasize the frigid temperature, your tears froze before they hit the ground. Heated seats can cut through the worst chills in minutes, long before your car’s heater starts pushing hot air from the vents. There’s something inherently comforting about warmth emanating through your back and bottom, even better than a cup of hot chocolate or a shot of JD.

Sure, you could have aftermarket heated seats installed by an upholsterer but they’ll cost you a figurative arm and a leg. Covercraft offers heated seat covers that replicate the winter-beating effect and at an extremely low price. 

Covercraft seat heater kitCovercraft SeatHeaters are stupid simple. They are warming pads powered by your car’s cigarette lighter plug. The kit’s heating pads are tucked into specially-made envelopes that secure to your seat around the headrest posts. The wafer-thin setup lays atop your factory seat with only a single wire from each side routed to your 12-volt plug. Dual switches on the plug let you control seats individually. 

Here’s the best part of these Covercraft SeatHeaters. You can use them on their own in any car you want because they’re so easily moved. Or, if they’re staying in one car all the time, you can install winter car seat covers over top of these heated seat elements, and double up on the comfort quotient. 

Get ahold of a set of these versatile Covercraft SeatHeaters for just $200 per pair. That’s so cheap that you could get a second set for the rear-seat passengers too. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate cold-weather comfort with winter essentials from AutoAnything, sheepskin car seat covers should definitely be on your radar.

Or, take a look at one of the awesome winter car seat cover alternatives without breaking the bank. Want to go further? Other wintry accessories you could consider include winter floor mats, car covers, and trunk liners. Whatever you need to protect your vehicle from Old Man Winter, you’ll find available at AutoAnything.


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