5 Benefits of Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

Truxedo Lo Pro Tonneau cover Chevy Silverado

Securing the contents of your truck bed doesn’t have to take a big bite out of your budget. With a roll-up tonneau protecting your precious cargo, you can rest assured you’ve got a durable line of defense from both would-be thieves and unsavory weather. Better yet, roll-up covers are typically your entry-level price point tonneau cover. We give our top 5 reasons why a roll-up tonneau cover may be the best option for your truckin' lifestyle.

Extang Revolution Tonneau Cover


Most roll-up covers are made from a soft, yet heavy-duty vinyl tarp that keeps your gear out of sight and out of reach for sticky fingers. With a starting point under $300, roll-up truck bed covers are one of our most popular options.


When it comes to roll-up tonneau covers, gaining full access to your bed is a major benefit. When fully open, the roll-up cover sits up above the rails allowing you to fully use your truck bed for all of your hauling needs.

Access Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Extang Express Tonneau Cover


Thanks to their inherently lightweight construction, roll-up tonneau covers are a cinch to install or remove in mere minutes – even on your own. While installation methods may vary, the majority of roll-up covers utilize a durable, no-drill clamp system that attaches to the bed rail.


With so many types of materials available, the options are virtually limitless. Durable canvas, vinyl or leather backed roll-up covers provide lightweight, attractive designs while aluminum (shown) and metal backed roll up covers offer more durability. And, all of these materials enjoy the same opening and closing style that give roll-ups their name.

BAK Revolver X4 Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
TruXedo Edge Tonneau Cover


 Roll-up tonneaus have a sleek design that generally mounts inside your truck bed rails for a super low-profile look that can help improve gas mileage. Another benefit of the lightweight design is that even when completely rolled up, your cover will never impact your rear window visibility.


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