5 Seat Covers That Make You Look (and Feel) Wealthy

Seat covers for a luxury feel

You’re in your car so often you’ve considered getting your mail rerouted there. So why are you still sitting on those factory seats? You deserve better.

A new set of seat covers can not only keep your original vehicle seats in better condition, but increase the comfort of your daily drives in an instant. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a carborator to get your hands on some nice seat covers that look like they belong on custom Benz. 

At AutoAnything, we believe it should be easy to upgrade your ride with interior essentials. So, let’s talk about what to look for in custom car seat covers, why they matter, and which suede and leather car seat covers are highly rated by our customers. 

Features of a High-End Car Seat Cover

What makes a car seat cover go from ordinary to “belongs in a car commercial”? Well, a few things. There are plenty of every day car seat covers that will hide your seat tears and keep coffee stains from hitting the factory foam.

But here are some qualities that take seat covers to the next level:

  • Chic fabrics. Leather, leatherette, and suede are all the types of fabrics you’d expect to see in a luxury sedan or sports car. When you introduce them to your commuter car, you look like you’ve been somewhere. 
  • Custom fit. There are universal seat covers that will fit most vehicles. And then there are custom car seat covers. The latter fit your seats like a glove, guaranteed to stretch around every corner perfectly and stay in place. We don’t need to say it twice: custom seat covers make your car’s interior look way more expensive. 
  • Precision-cut patterns. Durable stitching and unique seat cover patterns also add a whiff of wealth to your vehicle. They look factory made and give your seats some personality. 

Is a New Car Seat Cover Worth the Investment? 

Sure, you want your car to look and feel like it belongs to someone with a little cheddar to spend. But is it a smart decision? Or just a vain one?

Hear us out. Adding new custom car seat covers that make you feel wealthy can actually be good for you and your car in tangible ways. For instance:

  • Nice car seat covers are cheaper than total reupholstery. If you have stains, rips, or fading on your factory seats, you can take them in to be reupholstered. But that’s not exactly inexpensive.

    Reupholstering an entire seat can cost up to about
    $500 dollars (or more!), depending on your vehicle and the chosen fabric. New seat covers cost a fraction of that to achieve a similar result — seats that are more comfortable and look brand new. 

  • Preserving seats can protect your car’s overall value. Leather seats hold their value better than many other amenities. And even if your factory seats are made of another material, most buyers want seats that don’t look overly lived in or torn up.

    You may be able to snag a few hundred dollars more for your trade-in if you maintain the factory seats, which means your seat covers will pay for themselves in the long run. 

  • Making your car more comfortable is vital self-care. It turns out, taking care of yourself doesn’t just involve mud masks and massages. According to a Gallup Poll, people with a daily commute of 90 minutes or more have a 1 in 3 chance of experiencing recurring neck and/or back problems. Commutes are also associated with more worry, and other health issues.

    You may be upgrading your overall health by adding seat covers with better cushion and improved fabrics that improve your commute and offer more support. And you 

5 Custom Car Seat Covers Dripping in Luxury 

Ready to pull the trigger on a set of new car seat covers?

We have a lot of great options on AutoAnything, but our leather, leatherette, and suede seat covers are especially ideal for someone who wants to make their car look like a million bucks.

If you’re ready to feel like you’re stepping into a luxury vehicle every morning — and we know you are — then pick up one of these custom seat cover sets and start straightening your (sometimes imaginary) tie. You look like you’re a boss on the way to close a big deal, even when you’re just heading to the grocery store.

1. Fia LeatherLite Seat Covers

List Price: $176.00 – $407.00 /row

When the light hits just right, these leatherette seats shine. No, really.

The OEM-grade leatherette mimics the look and feel of the real deal even though the price tag is shockingly affordable. The seat covers are water-repellant, UV-resistant, and molded with extra padding so you can pick up some of those happiness points for your commute that we mentioned earlier.

Fia LeatherLite Seat Covers even include center console and armrest coverage with most vehicle makes and models. You can stick with the classic black on black motif, or add a red, blue, or gray streak to the center of your car seats. 

Why they’re boss worthy: These seat covers look like real leather from a mile away and up close. They definitely seem like they would fit right in in a foreign car with a price tag higher than a home appraisal. 

2. AutoAnything SELECT Custom Fit Leatherette Seat Covers

List Price: $299.00 – $349.00 /row

If you were driving a car that cost as much as a small island, it might have seats just like these.

Of course, you can also put these seat covers in your Toyota.

The design on our very own leatherette seat covers is intricate and features precision-cut patterns. Not only do AutoAnything SELECT Custom Fit Leatherette Seat Covers look and feel just like real leather, but the fit mimics a factory finish to a tee. All the while, the non-porous nature of the fabric will deflect your coffee or soda spills better than real leather ever could. 

Why they’re boss worthy: These custom car seat covers are available for bucket seats or entire rows, so your entire car will be covered in sleek goodness from front to back. And they look really, really expensive. Like, an NBA player would have them expensive. 

3.Coverking Genuine Leather Seat Covers

List Price: $499.99

Sometimes only the real deal will do. When that day comes, these genuine leather custom car seat covers are a great fit. They’ll make you feel wealthier than a tech tycoon with a private jet.

These seat covers are tanned and treated specifically for use in automobiles, made to resist harmful UV rays and withstand everyday use. The top layer is as smooth as buttah and the underlayer grips your original seats so well you’ll never notice a corner out of place. Coverking Genuine Leather Seat Covers are cut using 3-D imaging and a precision CAD pattern made for your specific vehicle. 

Why they’re boss worthy: No faking it til you make it, here. These seat covers are the real deal and they look and feel like they belong to a rich person. The stitching is impeccable and they’re breathable, so your legs won’t stick to them in warm weather. 

4. Coverking Ultisuede Leatherette Seat Covers

List Price: $299.99 /row

A blend of polyester and polyurethane might not sound sexy, but it’s soft to the touch and looks like it cost you a pretty penny.

The synthetic suede in these particular custom car seat covers is resistant to stains so it remains looking brand new over time. Your new car seat covers won’t even fade in the sun. You’ll even get a free installation kit with your new Coverking Ultisuede Leatherette Seat Covers, so the covers fit snugly around every curve — they hug your seats just as well as the original fabric. 

Why they’re boss worthy: The combination of suede and leatherette looks like it belongs in a high-end ride, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Precise stitching and a smooth surface round out a list of features that will have you looking like a boss. 

5. ProZ Micro Suede Seat Covers

List Price: $219.99/row

Clean, chic, cozy. If you’re looking for the trifecta of good looking car seat covers, you’ve arrived at the right place. ProZ Micro Suede Seat Covers are semi-custom and fit most bucket seats. They feature micro suede on the center panel, while the leatherette on the sides is not only smooth and soft but easy to clean.

Even better, the seat covers come with an added foam layer that will cup your backside and make your daily rides more than tolerable. You might even enjoy getting stuck in a little bit of traffic so you can imagine yourself a baller for a few extra minutes. Imagine that. 

Why they’re boss worthy: These seat covers combine the comfort and style of a luxury seat, so you’re getting the best of fashion and function. Plus, they have double-stitched seams so they last the test of time. 

You want to look wealthy but you haven’t won big on Fantasy Football just yet. We’ve all been there. You don’t have to strike it rich to look like you did. With leather seat covers or other luxury fabrics, you can pull up to any event with confidence and offer to give your friends a ride with confidence.

Plus, when you buy your new car seat covers on AutoAnything, you’re protected by our Price Match Guarantee. If you find a better deal within a full year of purchase — we’ll beat it by $1. 

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