AMP Steps Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Power Step for Your Truck


Whether you have a factory lift on your Jeep, truck, or SUV, or you’ve added an RBP lift kit, the chances are excellent that you’ll get sick of climbing up in your new ride. And maybe you had tubular side steps, but they began to mess with your ground clearance. So, if your family is complaining about the height of your truck, but you want ground clearance, AMP Research is here to rescue you. 

AMP Research Power Steps can provide up to a 15-inch extension for an easy step into your ride, and they won’t take away your massive ground clearance. When the doors are closed, AMP Power Steps quickly tuck themselves into a concealed pocket for a custom look.

Horst Leitner, AMP Power Step inventor, and designer, says, “I kept hearing people complain about their running boards being awkward to use. So, we did some ergonomic research and studied people of various heights, weights, and ages to come up with the perfect height and extension for a running board. Our research said that most truck and SUV step boards are mounted too high and too close to the vehicle to provide a natural step.”

And they work. Constructed from durable, strong aluminum, the AMP Power Step offers a broad, flat stepping surface, making it easy for passengers to enter and exit your rig. AMP truck steps extend to give you a secure and natural platform, and they can hold up to 600 lbs. In addition, they feature a high-tech, integrated LED light system that illuminates the step, and you can rest assured that they’re built to withstand your most demanding outdoor adventures.

Installation is also a breeze. AMP Power Step Running Boards feature an optional “Plug-and-Play” system that decreases installation time drastically with no door panel removal or splicing of factory wires required. 

Which AMP Power Steps are available to make your ride even more functional? Let’s check them out.

Types of AMP Power Steps for Trucks

AMP Research Power Step Running Boards


AMP Power Step Running Boards extend 10 – 12-inches in one second, giving you immediate convenience. Its high-strength aluminum construction holds up to 600 lbs and includes an integrated LED light system.  

AMP Research Power Step Extreme Running Boards


When you’re in the harshest winter weather, you’ll appreciate the AMP Power Step Extreme. Built for the most extreme sub-zero conditions, AMP’s Power Step extreme will work every time. The superior step traction easily works for the construction site or trips to the store and the corrosion protection and high-strength aluminum components will keep them there for you in the years ahead. AMP Extreme Power Step Running Boards are ready to go, regardless of the weather.

AMP Research Power Step XL Running Boards


If you’ve upgraded your truck with a lift kit, you know how challenging it is to hop in it. But, depending on the lift, you may have also made it uncomfortable for others to ride with you. That’s where the AMP Power Step XL comes in. It’s incredible 15-inch extension shows up in one second when you open the door and automatically slides back when it’s closed. In addition, their durable textured black coating will make these boards safe to use in any conditions and not take away from the looks of your lift.

How to Match Power Steps with Your Truck Type

It’s essential to select the right steps, so you get an AMP Power Step that’s compatible with your truck. First, let’s check some basics on which AMP model is suitable for your conditions.

AMP Power Step – The one you’ll want for your production full-sized Jeep, truck, or SUV. It provides a 10-inch extension to make it easy to hop inside.

AMP Power Step XL: If your ride has a lift, you’ll appreciate the 15-inch extension provided by the Power Step XL. The XL is specifically designed for lifted trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. 

AMP Power Step Extreme: If you work and live in a place where winter days are sub-zero, then the Extreme is for you. Die-cast aluminum construction and OEM quality motors ensure performance in any condition.

Are AMP Research Power Steps Worth it?

Yes. AMP Power Steps are over-engineered to tackle extreme weather conditions and handle weight up to 600 lbs. Their marine-grade aluminum construction prevents rust and corrosion and is backed by a 5-year warranty. In addition, each Power-Step unit is specifically designed to ensure the best possible fit to your vehicle and even retains your current ground clearance. So, you won’t sacrifice your lift with AMP Research Power Steps. If you’re looking for the most unique, practical, well-built running boards available, you’ll want AMP Research Power Steps.


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