Armordillo Chase Racks: Functional Attitude

Armordillo Chase Rack

Trucks are made to withstand the toughest conditions out there. Built with heavy-duty frames, meaty tires, and bulletproof suspension, your truck is built to last eternity and beyond. But even your factory truck has limits. The hardcore off-roaders require better visibility and quick repairs out in the open. Although most trucks come with a full-size spare tire mounted underneath the truck bed, getting that spare out from under there can be difficult to access. Especially if your truck is stuck on a rocky articulation with a blown sidewall. That spare tire needs to be easy to get to in dire situations. There is an easy solution to that: equip your truck with a rugged Armordillo chase rack.

The off-road truck scene is about half performance and half looks when it comes to priority. Everyone wants bigger meatier tires, higher lifts, and all of the skid plates you can fit underneath for performance. They also want the flashiest lights, shiniest wheels, and all of the coolest cosmetics they can equip on to their truck. Equipping auxiliary lights is more than just connecting them to power. You need a solid and secure place to mount them, and a proper position to angle the beam correctly. You can only mount so many light pods and light bars to your front bumper or brush guard. The next best spot is near the roof of the truck. Chase bars provide a very solid spot to mount your light bars and pods for all of your off-road adventures.

Certain brands and models even come with pre-drilled spots to mount your beams of light. Repairs are also a very common thing to come across while traversing over, under, and through whatever is off the beaten path. One of the most common breakdowns in the field is a punctured tire from rocks or rogue debris. Changing the tire isn’t the biggest issue, getting to the spare tire is the tough part. As mentioned above, most spare tires in trucks are secured underneath the truck bed. Good luck getting under there in the middle of the dunes or wilderness. Not only are you fighting clearance issues, but that spare tire is likely coated in mud, sand, dirt, and whatever else you crawled your rig through. A quick and easy solution is to mount the spare in the provided spare tire carrier in the chase rack. This feature puts the tires in an easy to access area and away from the dirty undercarriage of your truck.

Armordillo chase racks not only makes your off-roading adventures more convenient in dire situations, but you also boost your appearance significantly. We all remember the classic Bigfoot monster trucks of yesteryear rocking giant tires, screaming engines, and awesome looking chase racks with ginormous lights on them. It is not rocket science. Equipping your truck with an Armordillo chase rack instantly gives your truck a badass classic look that is hard to hate on. Made with premium steel construction, and finished in durable heavy-duty coatings, your chase rack is ready to last as long as your tough truck will.


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