August 2019 Featured Friday: Andrew’s JK Wrangler “YETI” Build


The Story:

“So the Yeti started off as my wife’s Jeep…. She saw it one day while driving me to pick up my service truck near all the dealerships and she had to have it.  Since then, I’ve slowly taken it over upgrade after upgrade. Fenders, bumpers, lights, winch, 6″ long arm lift, 40×13.5 MTR tires, roll cage, Hutchinson rock monsters beadlocks, custom rock rings, 1350 drive shafts, sound system, Correctlync linkage, Currie VXR Rockjock 60’s front and rear, and more.  Jeep life is our family’s fun.”

Andrew, tell me more about how you convinced your wife to let you throw 40″s on “her” Jeep? Your rig, or her rig, I’m not really sure, but ya’ll have one awesome JK! It’s apparent a lot of time has gone into this build, and stoked to see it out at the Rubicon Trail and YETI being enjoyed as a family activity. Congratulations on winning August’s Featured Friday Build! 

The Extras:

Andrew did a pretty darn good job covering this in his story, so here’s a couple more pics we snagged from his IG. Check him out @the_house_hubby

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