Back to School: Make Your Life a Little Easier

Going back to school with your vehicle prepared and organized

Schoooooool’s out. For. Summer! Schoooooool’s out. For. Ev…. Aw man you mean it’s already time to go back? Always seems to come right when you’re hitting your stride, doesn’t it? Well since we don’t have a reliable way to slow down time yet, I guess the we might as well make the best of it and do what we can to make our lives a little easier. Work harder not smarter, right? Or you know, something like that.

So are you taking kids to school or are you going yourself? Either way, we’ve got some things to take out at least one or two of the many headaches you’ve got ahead of you. We can’t fix the traffic jams around the school on the first day, we’re not exactly miracle workers, but we do what we can. By the way, do kids still use Trapper Keepers these days? Is that a thing anymore or is everyone just carrying around iPads and laptops?

Either way, let’s get into these.

Let’s get organized:

ROLA MOVE Cargo Organizer:

Rola Cargo OrganizerThis is probably the best designed cargo organizer we’ve come across. It’s sturdy, has adjustable dividers, and folds completely flat when you need to fit something big. Plus it has handles so you can just pull the whole thing out, loaded to the brim, and don’t have to take things out of one at a time. Can’t recommend these enough.

Loading Zone Cargo Gate:

Loading Zone Cargo GateTrucks are handy for moving big things and hauling a lot a weight. The trouble is that when you actually just want to carry some small things, you don’t want them rolling around all over the place in that big empty truck bed. Here’s where Loading Zone comes in. Their cargo gate can fit a variety of bed sizes, and can be set anywhere along your truck bed to divide up your cargo however you need at the time.

Get outta the sun, son!

Covercraft UVS100 Sunshades:

Covercraft UVS100 Windshield Sun ShadeEven though school’s coming back in session, we’re still in the thick of summer, and nothing is worse than getting into a hot car in the afternoon. Trying to put on you seat belt when the buckle sitting at like 189 degrees isn’t what I would call fun. So throw a good sunshade in your windshield and do what you can to help the situation. This will also save your dashboard and other interior bits from sun damage. I have the Carhartt version in my Audi, and it works wonders. Well worth the premium over cheaper sunshades for the perfect fit, and insulating thickness.

However if you just want something decent to get the job done, the Intro-Tech Sunshades are a great choice for the money.

Dashmat Dashboard Covers:

DashMat VelourMat Dashboard CoverSo whether you have a sunshade or not, the sun is still beating down on your dash while you’re driving. This causes annoying reflections, can dry out your dash leading to cracking in the future, and even just heats up your car from the rubber and/or plastic radiating all that heat it’s getting from the sun.

That’s where Dashmat comes in, all their covers are custom fitted specifically for your car, and come in a variety of fabrics like carpet, velour, and suede. Nice.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

WeatherTech Floor Mats and Liners:

WeatherTech TechCare Cleaning ProductsA good set of floor mats can do wonders for both your sanity and help protect your cars resale value. Besides the rubber being immune from stains and mildew, good, custom sets like from WeatherTech have high lips that contain spills, mud, sand, water, etc from making its way to your factory carpet.

Oh, and to clean them up, WeatherTech has their own cleaner and protecting products with their TechCare line. It’s good stuff.

WeatherTech Seat Back Protector:

Sometimes reasoning with a toddler is like trying to tie your shoes in the shower. Nothing makes sense. There might be apps to keep their minds occupied, but we haven’t found an app that stops those little legs from swinging around all over the place. Luckily those geniuses at WeatherTech came out with a solution to keep the back of your seat from getting all scuffed up and dirty. Plus they have handy pockets and things to keep wipes, Minecraft swords, and other kid essentials.

Time for a spitshine:

No wait, please don’t actually spit on your car. I think I speak for everyone on this one…

I learned pretty quickly that once you start letting things get a little dirty, it piles up quickly until the task of getting everything looking halfway decent again just becomes a near impossible task. So my advice is to keep up on this stuff so you don’t get overwhelmed down the line.

InterVac GarageVac:

InterVac GarageVacDirt, crumbs, Cheerios, and other debris are being packed into your carpet and seats every day. Do you have a decent way of taking care of it all? Going to the local car wash? Have a big, bulky shop vac maybe? InterVac came up with a great solution that hangs right on your garage wall, all you have to do is pull the hose over and clean out your car. Couldn’t be more handy.

Griot’s and Jax Wax Detailing Products:

Griot's Interior DetailerRemember what I was saying about interior messes piling up? Well the same thing happens on the exterior as well, and this can lead to permanent damage. Bird uh, debris and bugs are a minor inconvenience at the time, but leaving these things on your paint can damage the clearcoat and just be a complete pain to remove the longer you leave it all on there.

We recommend Griot’s interior detailer as a quick and easy way to clean off the touchpoints in your interior that doesn’t leave a greasy feeling like products like Armorall. Oh, and Jax Wax has just about everything you could possibly need to clean things up, and come in handy kits depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.

Get Tech’d:

Top Dawg Wireless Backup Cam:

Top Dawg Wireless Backup Camera with MonitorDid you car not come with a backup camera? If you’ve got a big car that’s loaded up with stuff all the time, visibility might be pretty tough to come by, and chances are that a system like this is less than body shop work, or even your insurance deductible. These are super handy to install, because you only have to worry about wiring power. Communication between the camera and the is all wireless. Plus these cameras output in HD with a wide angle lens, infrared lights for nighttime visibility, and it comes the monitor and everything you need to get going.

Yada Baby Monitor:

Yada Tiny Traveler Baby MonitorDue to safety laws, kids under a certain age and weight need to sit in the back seat, and for the littlest of tikes, their car seats need to face backwards as well. So now your kid is behind you AND facing the away from you? Well that’s inconvenient. Luckily Yada came out with a solid solution for a baby monitor you mount in your car so you can always see what’s going on back there. Pretty inexpensive and easy to install the camera and the monitor too, so worried parents rejoice!

Alright, so hopefully with these recommendations you can get out there and hit the ground running with getting back to school yourself or getting those youngsters out of the house for a few hours of peace and quiet. 

Did I miss something that has helped you in the past? Let me know down below!


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