Behind the Scenes with Saddleman Seat Covers


Saddleman Seat Covers are hand-made right here in the U.S.A. out of homegrown saddle blanket material. And yet they still ship in record time. How do they do it?

Read the 1:1 interview below or watch the video above to see what makes Saddleman stand out among the rest.

Mike & Tal Talk Saddleman Seat Covers

Mike (always representin’ for So, to get started, Saddleman has been in business for a little over 40 years, is that right?

Tal (came in long distance to rep for Saddleman): Yeah, so Saddleman has been around over 40 years, we’re really the pioneers in custom-made seat covers. Historically, seat covers were all universal made, one size fits all. As cars got more complex with 40/20/40 seats, opening bottom cushions and consoles, a custom application had to be made. We were one of the first companies to really start to customize seat covers and make them exactly for the specifications of the seat.

Mike: Right on and the saddle blanket material is really the staple of Saddleman if I’m not mistaken, right?

Tal: Yeah, so Saddleman is known for our saddle blanket material. The saddle blanket material is a very rugged, woven material that can’t be cut or else it starts to fray. We’re the only manufacturer that still makes these by hand, a hundred percent out of the saddle blanket material.

Mike: Oh, wow.

Tal: We take the fabric, we lay the pattern on it, trace it by hand and then fold and sew the seat cover around those trace marks so that you get a full saddle blanket material on the front of your seat.

Mike: So is just the Saddle Blanket Seat Covers made in the USA ’cause you have to do that by hand or is that all of them?

Tal: Yeah, a great question. We’re one of the only manufacturers that still makes a hundred percent of our seat covers in the United States.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Mike: Wow.

Tal: Our facility is in Woodland Park, New Jersey, where we cut, sew, ship, quality control, everything is all done in-house in New Jersey.

Mike: That’s incredible. What’s the typical turnaround time for a set of seat covers?

Tal: One of the things that we’ve invested heavily in is efficiency and processes. By the time we get an order, we actually call back every customer and confirm their order.

Mike: Very cool.

Tal: Because today’s seats are so complex. We wanna make sure the customers get the right seat cover the first time. We call back the customer, we confirm their seat configuration and from there, we can ship within two business days of confirming the order.

Mike: That’s so cool. As for a customer, what should they expect? Do they get a call in an hour, in a day, in a week?

Tal: Depending what time of the day the order is placed, they may get a call that evening or within the next 24 hours. They’ll get a call from us to confirm their seat configuration, vehicle year, make and model. Once that’s confirmed, goes into production and we can ship it in two business days which is unheard of in a custom seat cover.

Mike: Yeah, that’s so fast. Most of them take weeks to be made.

Tal: Exactly. That’s one of the things we’re very proud of is making a high quality product in the United States and shipping so quickly.

Mike: Yeah. So what, like for example, in this truck, we have the Leatherette and the True Timber Canvas. What other materials would you offer?

Tal: Right. So as you mentioned before, our Saddle Blanket is the most popular. We have a Ballistic material which is also very popular. Really depending on what your applications are, I know you enjoy going mudding.

Mike: Yeah. [chuckle]

In case you needed proof of Mike’s muddy extracurricular activities.

Tal: And so waterproof, dirt proof material would be perfect for you which is like the True Timber Camo that we put on the back, you can throw mud on it, wipes clean and is waterproof. But we have hundreds of different fabric color combinations to choose from based on your needs, whether it’s protecting from kids or animals or the outdoors or just making your seats look nice again like with the black Leatherette here that we have.

Mike: Yeah, I can’t believe how good these look. And they’re perfectly form-fitted to the seats and I noticed that there are also a cut out for the airbags?

Tal: Right.

Mike: I know that’s a big concern. Making sure that child restraints, airbags, all the movement of the seats work. Is that something that you take care of?

Tal: Exactly. We have a master pattern maker that we take out to every vehicle and we model each and every seat and when we say custom, it’s a hundred percent custom. We wanna make sure that all the controls are functional. All the child restraints as you mentioned, the airbags, all the notches and cutouts just like in the factory seat. So when you install our seat covers, you don’t lose any functionality. And it’s as if you’re sitting on a factory seat.

Mike: That’s perfect. And then you also include the map pocket on the back of the front seats, correct?

Tal: We do. One of the things that also helps Saddleman standout, first off is our price point, we’re a very economical seat cover but we don’t cut corners. For the same price you get the map pockets included, console covers included, it’s the same price whether you’ve got two buckets or one of the complex 40/20/40s with the opening consoles, etcetera. All of that’s included in our price.

Mike: Awesome, that’s great to hear and Tal, thank you again so much for your time.

Tal: Thank you.

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