The Best-Looking Floor Mat and Seat Cover Combinations

Maxliner second row floor liners

Have you ever gone to the local burger joint for one of their snacky little chicken sandwiches and thought, “Well, maybe a few curly fries to go with it… and a cola… oh, and maybe one of those apple pies.” You leave with the full meal deal. Buying car accessories like seat covers is the same way – they just satisfy you much longer. 

There are three main reasons to purchase accessories for your car: performance, protection, and appearance. Floor mats and car seat covers both tick two out of three boxes, protection and appearance. No matter what you do, these products won’t make your vehicle any faster, but they’ll drastically up your game in long-term looks. 

Why Buy Car Floor Mats?

The reason for buying car floor mats can be summed up in a single word: gravity. That pull from the center of the earth draws everything you drop to the floor. One of those tasty curly fries, half of your morning London Fog, the slushy-sandy-salty drips from your winter boots – it all ends up on the floor. 

If you’ve prepared, your floor mats will bare the burden of the messes.

But there’s more to it than just keeping your floors spotless. Ever driven a 10-year-old vehicle and noticed the bare patch of carpet under the gas pedal? It’s due to your Jordans or Jimmy Choos rubbing as you pivot between gas and brake, gas and brake, over and over and over again. No amount of Rogaine will make the fuzz grow back, but floor mats can take the brunt of this abuse, too – instead of your carpet.  

Floor Mats vs Floor Liners

AutoAnything Select All Weather floor matsThere are two different styles of floor protection you can go for. The style you’re probably well acquainted with is a floor mat that’s flat on the bottom. It might have ridges that keep water, dirt, and snow away from your Levi’s denim cuffs, or it may be lightly textured so your footwear doesn’t slip. Good ones hook into your factory floor mat clips so they won’t accidentally slide while you’re driving.

Floor and cargo liners are a cut above. 

Typically, they’re molded to the footwells or cargo area of your car’s year, make, and model for a precise fit. In many cases, floor liners have a lip that goes up to the door sill also, so not a drop of your spilled soda will reach the carpet underneath. Floor liners won’t slide around underfoot and will keep any junk in the truck from making a mess of your factory carpets – the precision cut means there’s nowhere to go. 

Which is best for you, floor mats or floor liners? 

That depends on your needs and your budget. Floor and cargo liners offer the best protection for your carpets and look snazzy too, although they’ll set you back a little extra. Floor mats are a more budget-friendly option and are perfectly fine if you keep your liquid contents on the right side of the cup.  

Are Seat Covers Really Necessary?

Fia OE seat coversIf you’ve ever been embarrassed to let a friend, acquaintance, or even a stranger sit in your car, seat covers should be on your radar. That goes for spills and stains on your seats like that purple one that set in after your teenager’s clown classes, but it also applies to worn-through upholstery on older cars. When people get out of your car with bits of yellow foam stuck to their pants… facepalm. 

The materials available for car and truck seat covers allow you to blend in or accent the rest of your interior. They also offer levels protection and comfort according to your needs. 

The Perfect Protection Pair

You could buy floor mats alone and keep your carpets immaculate, or you could buy a car seat cover set and make your seats the focal point of your interior. But together, seat covers and floor mats are the ideal interior car accessory power couple.

We’ve compiled five combinations of floor mats and seat covers that can turn your car’s interior from drab to fab. 

Five Great Floor Mat and Seat Cover Combinations

The Luxury Lovers Combo

Floor Liners: WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners starting at $74.95
Seat Covers: AutoAnything SELECT Semi-Custom Leatherette Seat Covers from $199.95 per row

AutoAnything SELECT Leatherette Seat Covers
AutoAnything SELECT Leatherette Seat Covers

If you’re someone who appreciates the finer things in life (we aren’t talking cut-up wieners in your mac-and-cheese), this seat cover set and floor mat combination is right up your alley. The floor liners are arguably the most trusted in the industry, and the leatherette seat covers are an upgrade to virtually any car’s upholstery. 

These floor liners take your typical rubber floor mats and give them a Beverly Hills makeover. DigitalFit refers to the process of measuring the footwell precisely with lasers so they can be manufactured to fit exactly. Trust us and the thousands of reviews – it works. The lip all around the edge keeps messes contained until you can clean it up. 

It’s more than just protection that these floor liners afford, though. Your interior looks better because of them. The molded liners are available in four colors – black, grey, cocoa, and tan – to match most interiors. 

Weathertech floor mats tanThe WeatherTech floor liners have to share the spotlight in this combo with AutoAnything SELECT Semi-Custom Leatherette Seat Covers, and that’s a killer combination. They’re available in either a flat-panel pattern or a diamond stitching, much like you’d find on a bespoke luxury coupe. 

Great news, though: you don’t have to spend six figures to get the elegant look these leatherette seat covers add. And, as semi-custom seat covers, these are going to be snug and stunningly gorgeous. They’re dead easy to install with hook-and-loop closures as well as velcro. Sold per row, you’re able to do just the front bucket seats if you want and save a little cash. Don’t worry, you’ll still look ballin’. 

The Big Mess (Stopper) Combo

Floor Liners: Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners from $55.76
Seat Covers: Coverking Rhinohide Seat Covers from $249.99 per row

Husky Weatherbeater Floor Mats

Look, we understand messy. We have kids, pets, and significant others in our cars too. That’s precisely why there’s a seat cover set and floor liner combo that’s ideal for everyday grunge and spills. 

Husky Liners are designed to fit the contours of your footwell exactly and use factory fasteners to stay in place. These floor liners also have a lip at the edge to contain dirt and water also and are resistant to gasoline and oil, because we all step in the fuel station drips once in a while. The Husky Liners have a bit more texture to them, aiding in the grip as you press the pedals. Available in three classy colors, they’ll fit your interior visually too.

Coverking Rhinohide Seat CoversTheir seat cover pairing is Coverking Rhinohide Seat Covers. The name should give a pretty clear inclination of their attributes. Made of thick PVC and backed with polyester, these vinyl seat covers are a force to reckon with. Resistant to abrasion, tears, and punctures, and water-resistant as well, Rhinohide seat covers can take whatever beating you dish out. 

And when you’ve done your worst, a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth will get them good as new. The only thing you’ll need to supply is an oxpecker.

The Sporty Combo

Floor Mats: ProZ Metallic Floor Mats – $64.99
Seat Covers: CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Covers from $209.90 per row

You can find sports team-themed seat covers and floor mats, but we aren’t talking about sports fan swag. This sporty combo is great for you if you live an active lifestyle. We’re talking shark slalom on the SoCal coastline to Little League practice for the kiddos. If there’s a chance you’re getting wet, sweaty, or dirty, these items are your jam. 

CalTrend’s NeoSupreme Seat Covers are water-repellent and extremely durable, making them perfect for getting straight into the car after your sportsing is over. Toss your grimy hockey bag on the backseat without worrying the stench will seep into the material. NeoSupreme cleans up easy with a simple wipe with a damp cloth. These ones are available in about 15 ProZ Metallic Floor Matscolors, from plain black to bright pink or red, so you’re bound to find a suitable set for your vehicle. 

A great set of floor mats to pair with your sporty seat covers is ProZ Metallic Floor Mats. No, they’re not made of steel, but they have a shiny finish to the inserts. Made of heavy-duty rubber and with non-slip nibs on the backing, you’ll get this awesome sporty set of four floor mats for under $70. 

The Real Rejuvenation Combo

Floor Mats: Lloyd Mats Ultimat Custom Floor Mats from $86.90
Seat Covers: Fia OE Semi Custom Seat Covers from $81.68

Your life is a country song and sometimes, you just want to go back to the way things were. While we can’t turn your dog back into a puppy or send your ex flowers, we can help you get your pickup truck looking like it once did with new truck floor mats and seat covers. 

If your interior is just plain old worn out, you can rewrap the seats in OE-style seat covers. And these Fia seat covers are here to do just that. Three tight tweed patterns are available in taupe, gray, and charcoal for an original look to your old truck. A little extra padding restores the comfort Lloyd Ultimat Embroidered Floor Matyou once had and they’re easy to install with belt ‘n’ buckle  system to fasten them in place. 

And if your factory floor mat is worn through from your cowboy boots, change them out for a new set of Lloyd Mats Ultimat Custom Floor Mats. These carpet floor mats are precision fitted to your make and model and are twice as dense as factory carpeting. They hold in place with both TractionBac rubber backing as well as your factory mat hooks and anchors. 

Wanna jazz it up? You can get your truck floor mats monogrammed or have your vehicle emblem embroidered on. 

The Value Pack Combo

Floor Mats: Motor Trend Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats from $31.99 per set
Seat Covers: ProZ Mesh Seat Covers – $59.99 per kit

ProZ Mesh Seat Covers

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to spice up your car’s interior and add a little protection. Get a mom-approved nod to money management when you pick this value combo of universal floor mats and seat covers. 

ProZ adds style to your car or truck’s seat with easy-to-install universal seat covers. They slide on and secure with hooks and loops, and are manufactured with foam-backed mesh for added comfort and ventilation. Have your pick of five colors – red, gray, blue, black, and beige – to complement your interior’s color scheme. The kit includes all you need for two front bucket seats and a rear bench, complete with headrest covers. 

And under your feet? Stylish floor mats to fit a budget-conscious buyer would be Motor Trend Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats. They’re universal, so it will take a bit of trimming with scissors along the preformed grooves to fit them perfectly. High-grade PVC ensures they’re not going to disintegrate right away, and deep channels help hold spills until you clean it up. For under $40, you get either a three-piece or four-piece set in one of three standard colors. 

There are hundreds of styles of seat covers and floor mats to choose from at AutoAnything. 

Don’t fancy any of these five combos? Make your own match from some of the popular brands including Coverking, CalTrend, AutoAnything SELECT, Husky Liners, and WeatherTech – all at a great price!


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