Bruce’s 2007 4×4 Long Travel SGU Tundra Build


The Story:

“My truck has turned into a crazy addiction, and looking back I realize it all started as a young kid. I was born in New Jersey and moved to Maryland as a little tot. Growing up on the eastern shore of maryland I was big into sailing. My love for the water brought me to the Navy after high school, which resulted in me moving to San Diego, California working in IT and continuing my Naval service in the reserves. My passion for travel never ceased, and with the wide variety of terrain to explore I found myself in a 94’ four wheel drive Toyota. Little did I know this was the tip of the iceberg with the so-cal off-road community.

After a few years, I graduated from the “little Taco that could” to my current rig, my 2007 Tundra named “Hope”. With the initial idea of over-landing, I began my build. Only a year or two into my overland inspired build my friends in the Speed Glampers Uberfarht crew made me realize I needed much more than a simple lift to do what I really wanted to do. This spurred a complete rebuild of the truck from ground up. I transformed my ride from your typical overland build into my dream: long travel, 4×4, do it all in comfort and speed.

Everything on my truck was assembled, fabricated, and installed by me. I fully documented start to finish on under the username “papasmurf” for the in depth details from my SEMA wrap, to suspension cycling and my fancy axles. While Hope is full camo wrapped, it’s hard to miss, if you see me off-road I’ll most definitely have my co-pilot Brie. She’s a Great Dane and my Service animal who goes on every adventure with me. While my build is at a great place, these things are never complete and will continue to evolve.”

Wait, where’s the truck? Kidding, this isn’t John Cena, but it is a truly awesome Tundra! There’s no doubt this truck stands out from the crowd and clearly a lot of time and effort put into the build. Being a part of the SoCal off-road community myself, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Bruce and Hope. The first time I met him, he kicked open the passenger door and was letting anyone who wanted to hop in and go for a ride with him. I can tell you first hand that this Tundra “does it all in comfort and speed” just as Bruce says.

The Extras:

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