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Convertible Covers Customer Reviews

I have purchased several covers over the past 10 years, one was just a bit too small, so it was hard to use properly and one is wearing out and tearing apart after just 3 years of summer use. The recent one purchased from you has a good fit and the material seems to be of high quality, I’m looking forward to many

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Universal Car Covers Customer Reviews

the cover fits fairly well ,the only issue is that it doesnt go down to bottom of car on the sides,so about 6 inches of car is exposed to elements! still to early to tell on quality as i only have had for about a month!

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Mike Cote
I'm on off-road enthusiast behind the wheel of a perpetual project 4x4 Tacoma. I like to play in the rocks, but won't shy away from fast runs through the desert. My passion came from my dad whose had me in and around cars for as long as I can remember.


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