The Best Budget-Friendly Car Seat Covers ($250 and Under!)

Jeep TJ Neosupreme Seat Covers

That’s the last time you’re cleaning a protein shake spill from your seat. In the hot sun, it takes just minutes for the milk to spoil, and that’s when the stink starts. You need something to catch your messes, but you don’t want it to betray that your bank account is only about as flush as a public toilet. 

Get rid of the bath sheet and put away the garbage bags. You can keep your car looking classy while protecting the upholstery from excess wear and embarrassing stains. Why not buy a set of cheap seat covers? 

Believe it or not, you can afford seat covers for your car, no matter what make or model you drive. They can be classy, sporty, or rugged, and you don’t have to bust open your little pink piggy bank to pay for them. 

Let’s take a look at five of the best affordable car seat covers on the market. And wouldn’t you know it, you’ll find them all available right here at AutoAnything. 

5 Cheap Car Seat Covers 

ProZ MicroSuede Seat Covers

ProZ MicroSuede Seat CoversFrom $199.99 per row

An extra layer of protection on your seats is what you need, not just what you want. Don’t feel like giving up your interior’s good looks for just another set of cheap seat covers? Then these ProZ MicroSuede seat covers might be the right choice for you and they won’t blow the budget. 

What is microsuede, you ask?

You won’t need to visit a farm to find out where it’s sourced – rather, it’s a chemistry lesson. Microsuede is a manufactured material and is 100% polyester. A chemical reaction that involves coal, petroleum, air, and water creates long-chain polymers. In a factory, these teeny particles are arranged in sheets to be used in upholstery, including these ProZ seat covers. 

There are obvious benefits of using Microsuede seat covers. They’re water repellant and will shield against virtually every water-based spill. They’re also perfect for taking your trashy-looking torn seats from drab to fab and keeping them there because they’re treated to protect against harmful UV rays. For environmentally-conscious drivers, you can rest easy on these comfy, foam-backed seat covers knowing your choice didn’t cost any cows their lives. 

ProZ makes MicroSuede seat covers to be custom fit for your make and model. Your order will be fulfilled with a set of seat covers designed to hug your seats’ curves perfectly and include armrest and headrest covers where applicable. 

They come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty too. We’d say that’s impressive for the price. 

Coverking Genuine Neoprene Seat Covers

Coverking Genuine Neoprene Seat CoversFrom $249.99 per row

There’s are many good reasons to use neoprene in your car’s interior. Like if you have a convertible and you leave the top down in a rainstorm. Or if you offroad topless in your Jeep. Or perhaps you’re not stopping on your road trip no matter how many energy drinks your shotgun rider has had. No matter how gross or dirty your seats might get, Coverking Genuine Neoprene Seat Covers are a good option. 

Neoprene is the stuff divers and surfers wrap themselves in to keep water off their bits. The compression it provides may make you blush when you wear it, dude, but that’s one of the reasons it so good for seat covers. Neoprene seat covers fit your seat contours extremely well because they’re CAD-designed and precision cut for a custom fit, and they look sporty and fun. 

But that’s just one of the reasons you should check out these cheap seat covers made of neoprene. High-level water resistance is the most popular reason to check out this Coverking seat cover set. They clean up quickly with spot treatment without having to take them off, and the neoprene fabric resists stains. 

These Coverking Genuine Neoprene Seat Covers barely sneak under the $250 ceiling. But if that’s your budget for cheap car seat covers, these ones are worth your while. 

Saddleman SureFit Camo Canvas Seat Covers

Saddleman Surefit Camo Canvas Seat CoversFrom $144.49 per row

We’d have to imagine that outdoorsy folks tend to be harder on their seats than the average interior-trashing bear. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, camping, bird-watching, or apocalyptic survivalism, there’s always gear to carry and muddy pants on the car ride home. And since washing your factory upholstery isn’t any fun, cheap camo seat covers are a great idea. 

A great set of cheap camo car covers to choose are Saddleman SureFit Camo Canvas Seat Covers. The woodsy camouflage pattern is beyond simply style – it’s the perfect fit for an outdoor way of life. 

These canvas seat covers are made from rugged a polyester fabric known as Ballistic canvas that resists fading and stains as well as stinky mildew that forms if stale water soaks in. It’s extremely durable so Valor the bird dog can sleep on the backseat after a long day chasing partridges.  If they do get filthy stinkin’ dirty, pull them off for a quick machine wash and air dry. 

Just because you’re working within a tight budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the usual perks with your purchase. American-made Saddleman SureFit Camo Seat Covers are backed by a 1-year warranty against flaws and workmanship and includes custom-fit armrest and headrest covers if applicable. 

A word of advice: give these camo seat covers a wipe-down from time to time. They hide dirt well – a little too well to get into the seat blindly if you’re wearing your Sunday best. 

ProZ Novelty Polyester Seat Cover Kit

ProZ Novelty Polyester Hawaiian Seat Cover KitFrom $59.99 per set

Nearly all of the best affordable car seat covers are sold per row, so you’d have to double the cost to cover more than just seats for driver and shotgun. So, it might come as a shocker that the ProZ Novelty Polyester Seat Cover Kit covers front seats AND backseats all in one low-cost package. 

Polyester is a material that has a huge range of uses and styles. That can be from synthetic canvas to microsuede, but the most popular type of seat covers on the market are universal-fit car seat covers from elasticky polyester. It’s stretchy enough to fit snugly over your factory seats and hold its shape. The title says ‘Novelty’, but don’t think that means these are just for show. 

ProZ polyester seat covers also have light foam backing to boost the comfort factor up a notch or two if your interior is feeling a little tired already. 

The ProZ Novelty seat cover kit comes in five styles for you to choose from: hearts, butterflies, peace symbols, Hawaiian flowers, and skulls. On each seat cover, one of these super-fun patterns is emblazoned to personalize your seats. All sets have durable black polyester as the base. 

A couple awesome things about these seat covers: 

  • They’re extremely easy to install. They have sewn-in elastic loops and hooks for a tool-free installation.
  • Each kit includes all the parts to cover both front bucket seats, the rear bench, and headrests and armrests. 
  • If you have a cat, dog, children, or spouse that tends to destroy everything they touch, these seat covers are less than half the cost of other seat cover sets. Buy in bulk. 

AutoAnything SELECT Leatherette Seat Covers

From $199.99 per row

AutoAnything SELECT Leatherette Seat Covers
AutoAnything SELECT Leatherette Seat Covers

Have you ever seen a Bentley’s bespoke interior with custom stitching and accent piping?

These AutoAnything SELECT Leatherette Seat Covers don’t quite get you there, but pretty damn close. All you’re missing is a chauffeur, fine Russian caviar, and a Bentley. No matter what make and model you’re looking to spruce up, these leatherette seat covers are the right solution. 

Since leatherette is a synthetic material, you can purchase these seat covers with a clear conscience that no animals were harmed for your vehicular comfort. The material has an amazingly accurate leather-grain appearance though, and you don’t have to tell anyone it isn’t real leather. 

AutoAnything SELECT offers five color choices for this product: black with black stitching and piping, black with blue stitching and piping, black with red stitching and piping, charcoal with silver stitching and piping, and sand with sand stitching and piping. Add a sporty touch with a splash of red or blue, or stick with classic color combos instead. No doubt, one of them will turn your crank. 

Our favorite choice for AutoAnything SELECT leatherette seat covers has to be the insert pattern. You get to choose between what they call ‘Plain Pattern’ and ‘Diamond Pattern’. Plain has a flat insert in both the seat back and the seat cushion bottom that’s sleek and rich-looking. Diamond pattern is our pick with a double-seam diamond stitch on the seat back and bottom inserts. In the most famous words to come out of France, “Ooh la la!”

Which Cheap Car Seat Covers Should You Choose?

Your car’s interior is a matter of taste primarily. It’s just like some people prefer hot dogs to filet mignon. There’s nothing wrong with a ballpark wiener but it’s not everyone’s first choice, even with sauerkraut. And of course, budget plays a factor. 

If your primary motive is simply getting some kind of protection on your seats before they’re destroyed by stains or sun, the inexpensive ProZ Novelty polyester seat cover kits are right up your alley. They’re fun without forking over a fistful of cash. 

If you’re searching for seat covers that will fight back against the toughest treatment, it’s between Coverking Genuine Neoprene seat covers and Saddleman SureFit Camo Canvas Seat Covers. Neoprene gives you the best waterproof option while the camo canvas seat covers get you back to nature. Either way, you’ll have protection against spills. 

Upgrading your interior for under $250 is a bargain, especially when it looks as good as AutoAnything SELECT leatherette seat covers or CalTrend MicroSuede Seat Covers. Distinctly different in appearance, you might have a tough choice to make between the two. 


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