Choose The Best Seat Covers for Kids


You love your kids. The mess they leave in their wake? Not so much. No matter whether it’s markers, muddy cleats, juice boxes or crushed animal crackers, your kids can ruin your seats quicker than the amount of time it takes you to drive them to school.

Luckily for you, it’s easy to treat your ride as your baby too by protecting its interior – with a set of seat covers from our industry-leading selection.

The Benefits of Seat Covers

From comfort to making things easier to clean to helping regulate the temperature of the seat, seat covers are some of the most beneficial accessories you can add to your ride’s interior. As such, if you want to provide the tough protection your seats need to withstand the stains, spills and scratches your kids can inflict, then you should turn to neoprene or canvas seat covers. For example, CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Covers are fabricated from a strong, fade-resistant fabric with reinforced seams to stand-up to even the roughest kids. Or if canvas covers are more your speed, Coverking Ballistic Canvas Seat Covers are crafted from a special Cordura-Ballistic fabric that resists UV damage, spills, mildew and stains, making them a perfect option for anyone does a lot of travelling with their kids.


Popular Brands to Choose From

With such an extensive selection of seat covers to choose from, it can be exceedingly difficult to find the right seat cover for you – and more importantly, your kids. But fortunately, no matter whether you ultimately settle on covers from CoverkingCalTrendCovercraftSeat DesignsSaddlemanWet Okole or ProZ, you’re sure to find a cover that’s been built to last and withstand anything your kids can throw its way, all while providing the complete coverage you’ve been looking for.

Make your choice even easier by taking advantage of advice from parents like you by reading the seat cover reviews on our site. You’ll even find vehicle-specific reviews to make sure you find the best seat covers for your ride and your kids.



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