Colgan: Sportier Sports Bras for All Shapes & Sizes


The front of your car arguably gets the most abuse than any other part of your vehicle. Whether you are commuting through snow and sleet on your way to work or traversing across the country, your car’s front end hits everything in its way head on. From stones and rocks that chip paint and crack panels to insects and debris not being lucky enough to get out of the way. Your vehicle’s face is susceptible to dirt and damage that are hard or even impossible to clean off. The next time you take a long road trip, get out and take a look at your car’s front end. You will see thousands of unfortunate insects stuck to your paint’s clearcoat. You will see small chips and cracks from stones and debris smacking your bumper and grille. It is time to cover your car’s pretty face with smart and stylish protection from a Colgan Sports Car Bra.


The front end of your vehicle is one of the most vital parts of your vehicle in both style and performance aspects. Designers and engineers clock in countless of hours making sure your vehicle can run with the proper airflow, aerodynamics, and safety, all while looking stylish. It is vital to protect your front end to ensure your car runs as it should and maintain its stylish looks. Fitting your vehicle with a Colgan Sports Car Bra ensures your car will be running and looking great for the next countless miles you put on it. Similar to car seat covers and floor mats, a car bra is an easy and effective way to protect your vehicle from the conditions you face head on. Colgan Sports Car Bras protect your vehicle without sacrificing your vehicle’s great looking face.

Colgan Custom Car Bra

Every Colgan Sports Car Bra features a heavy duty 25oz vinyl outer layer that fights against everything from bugs and stones to precipitation and UV light. This means you can rock your Colgan Car Bra for years without having to worry about it fading or cracking over time. While the Colgan Car Bra is tough on the outside, it is soft and forgiving on the inside. Made with a flannel lined material that is soft as a cloud, this material protects your paint job from scratches and buffs. When the weather gets wet, the Durable material allows for moisture wicking to occur leaving your car bra fresh and dry. To ensure a proper fit and ease of installation, every Colgan Sports Car Bra is designed and assembled to fit your specific year, make, and model. With vinyl coated hooks and padded tabs, your Sports Car Bra installs without harming your vehicles body. No drilling or cutting is required! Better yet, the custom construction allows for easy access to your engine bay; opening your hood does not require removing your Colgan Sports Car Bra. Choose between a solid black color that complements almost every configuration or add a sporty look to your vehicle with a unique carbon fiber design!

Protecting your car is easier than ever with Colgan Sports Car Bras. From the easy installation to the custom designs to properly fit your vehicle, even the most amateur wrench-tuners can add some protection to their vehicle in minutes. Colgan ensures that your car bra is designed to your specific vehicle so your headlights, air dams, and license plate frames are open and unexposed to make sure your car can function as it should be. Putting a Colgan Sports Car Bra will put a smile on both you and your vehicle’s face!


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