Colton’s 1998 Full Send Tacoma


The Story:

“Well, it started out clean when I bought it, only had 100k and was totally stock. Two years later I’ve made it the truck I want…almost. I sold my 66′ 2 door malibu coupe Chevelle and bough the truck to be more reliable and get out to the desert for off-roading and camping. After about a year I started getting at it, started with rock sliders, bed rack and roof top tent. Then I drained my bank account getting full Fox suspension, upper control arms, and  leaf springs which let me drive far too fast through the desert.

My truck does have a small problem with not running at the moment, I went a little hard through some whoops, and then did it again and now I have a check engine light. That turned into low pressure in cylinder 3, and now I’m tearing the motor down to be repaired and contemplating a V6 swap.

Future plans for my truck include re-gearing, front and rear lockers, tub the firewall and 35″ tires.”

Wow has this truck transformed over a short period of time. We wish you the best of luck getting your engine troubles sorted out and back to the dirt where you and your truck belong.

The Extras:

Fox 2.5 coilovers

Fox 2.0 shocks

SCS F5 wheels, 16×8, 3.5″ back spacing

BFG KM3 tires 285/75R16

4X Innovations rock sliders

Budbuilt steel IFS skid

Prinsu roof rack

Baja Designs lights

Custom titanium shift knob engaved “full send”

Camper shell with sleeping platform

Swapped in bucket seats


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