Why You Should Upgrade To Bilstein B8 5100 Shocks


Hey, it’s Mike here with autoanything.com. Today we’re gonna take a closer look at the Bilstein B8 5100 series shocks and struts.

Bilstein has always been a trusted source for shock absorbers and they really did it right with their B8 5100 line. Each shock is specifically engineered for a specific vehicle, so you’re getting the best valving and the best ride possible. And they did this with lifted vehicles in mind. Now, these shots are zinc plated for improved corrosion resistance and durability. They’re also a mono-tube design for improved strength and dampening. They even have a larger diameter body so they resist heat fade on longer drives. Now, if your vehicle has a factory coilover-type front suspension, these are even ride height adjustable. They added pre-load to the coil spring so there’s no spacers needed. Now, Bilstein integrated multiple clip settings so you can really fine-tune it in to set the ride height that you’re the happiest with. Another great feature of these are they do not limit your uptravel or over extend your downtravel. And over extending your downtravel can harm your driveline or your ball joints. Get yours here today at autoanything.com.

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