Covercraft: The Precision Fit Series of Seat Covers

Covercraft Precision Fit Leatherette Seat Covers

We spend so much time in our vehicles. From commuting to work to long drives across the country, you spend more time in your vehicle’s seats than your bed. Aside from mechanical components such as tires and brakes, your seat sees the most wear inside your cabin. Along with the constant seat time, our busy lives make us multitask behind the wheel. We’ve all been there: running late to work brushing our teeth and finishing that breakfast sandwich while finishing a piping hot mug of coffee. With that comes risk of spilling and staining your workhorse of a car seat. With all the abuse our seats see in their lifetime, those stains and rips are unsightly and hard to clean out. And when it comes time to sell your vehicle, or even have passengers ride with you, a dirty damaged car seat sticks out like a pimple on your forehead. Luckily for you there is an easy solution: Covercraft Precision Fit seat covers.

Not all seat covers are the same. Sure, you can run to your local parts store and grab the first set of elastic cloth you see. But you get what you pay for in the seat cover industry. Universal seat covers are not built for every car seat out there. The cover may be too small and will not protect your entire seat. It may be too big, and then you struggle with extra material. Newer cars these days have so many extra features such as headrests, side airbags, armrests, and rear pockets. Seat covers that do not abide with the airbags your seat come with poses a huge safety risk too. That cheap cloth cover may not work with those features. Then, you will have a covered seat with an exposed non-matching armrest or headrest. As for protection, cheap covers give you as little protection from stains and spills as a thin napkin would.

Upgrading your seats with Covercraft Precision Fit seat covers checks all the boxes mentioned above and then some more. Each set of Precision Fit covers are cut and assembled to your specific year, make, model, and even trim configuration to ensure a taut fit and finish. Not only does that make your seat covers look great, but it makes installation a breeze because every Precision Fit seat covers literally fits “like a glove” on to your vehicle’s seats. Do your car seats have headrests, armrests, rear pockets, air bags, or center consoles? Covercraft will make sure all features on your seats will be covered with their Precision Fit material. Your airbags will look great and still function properly with a patented tear-away feature where applicable. Your Precision Fit seat covers come with foam backed material to give you some extra comfort on the road.

covercraft precision fit carhartt seat covers

Choose between a plethora of colors and materials to suit your style and needs. If your vehicle is a workhorse on and off the road, opt for heavy duty Carhartt material that gives you heavy duty durability and water-resistant protection. If your cloth seats can use a little upgrade, pick out a set of luxurious leatherette seat covers to give you a suave look without sacrificing the legendary protection and fit each Precision Fit seat cover provides. If you need absolute protection from everything out there, Endura seat covers shield your seats from stains, spills, UV light, and whatever else your seats may see. Cleaning your Precision Fit seat covers is significantly easier than cleaning your OEM seats. Simply remove your seat covers, rinse and dry, and install your squeaky-clean seat covers back into your vehicle! What are you waiting for? Your vehicle and your rear will be thanking you for outfitting your vehicle with Covercraft Precision Fit seat covers.


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