COVID-19 and What We’re Doing About It

A note from AutoAnything on COVID-19 and good social distancing

Like so many of you, we have spent the last several days and weeks learning about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our world. For AutoAnything, that means understanding how it affects our customers, employees, and communities, and then making the necessary adjustments to our business operations.

Please note, we are open for business and are not currently facing any notable shipping delays or stock outages. You should expect to receive your order according to the delivery times provided on our website. We will communicate any changes as soon as we are aware.

We have one simple guiding principle — keeping you and our employees safe. With that in mind:

We have encouraged our entire team to work from home. Fortunately, our remote-friendly office culture has afforded us the capabilities and experience to fully operate business as usual. This includes our sales and customer service staff, who remain committed to providing support and guidance for all of our customers.

Our fulfillment teams and suppliers are taking every appropriate precaution while packing and shipping your orders.

We are extending our return policy to 60 days. We will continue to extend this as needed, or work with you on a case by case basis to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase. You should not feel inconvenienced or compelled to take unsafe measures simply to process a return or exchange.

We continue to monitor this situation closely and take guidance from local authorities and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We will keep you informed of any changes.

We want to wish you and your loved ones well. Our thoughts go out to all those who have been affected and all the caregivers working tirelessly on the front lines.

June Update:

The past few months have been challenging for everyone as Covid-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of our society. For AutoAnything and many of the brands we work with, this means adjusting to work from home and social distancing measures for production and fulfillment staff.

In some cases, strained supply chains may cause difficulties obtaining raw materials. In other cases, manufacturers located in heavily-affected areas reduced staff or even shut down temporarily to protect their at-risk employees and their families. The resulting backlog meant inventory was not delivered when it was originally scheduled or orders are taking longer to ship.

We’re working very closely with all of our brand partners to get you the most accurate information and expedite delivery for our customers. 

At the same time, more people have started new projects while at home and online, resulting in significantly increased demand. 

This combination caused a sudden off-the-charts surge in call, email and social message volume. Unfortunately this leads to longer than normal hold times as well as delays in email and message responses. 

As fellow enthusiasts, we understand how frustrating this can be, but please be assured that resolving these issues is our absolute top priority throughout our company. We apologize for any service delays and assure you that we’re doing everything we can to assist you.

We have our teams working overtime while adding and training even more staff as quickly as possible. We are committed to delivering the exceptional level of service you’ve come to expect from AutoAnything. 

We appreciate your business, patience and understanding as we all adjust to this “new normal,” and sincerely thank you for choosing AutoAnything.

Our sales and service team is available to help with whatever you may need.


    • Hey Tom,

      Looks like the RMA was processed this morning and the email sent, please let me know if you didn’t receive this email, it may have gone into your spam or promotions folders.


  1. Mr. Michael Epstein, your website says you are open at 6 AM. I’ve been trying to contact your new sales department. It is now 6:18 AM. I am entitled to a 20% discount which is expiring shortly says your early morning email. Item: “Bushwacker OE Style Fender Flares(233)$315.00 – $469.99 /kitRegular PriceOn Sale: 20% Off$252.00 – $375.99 /kit” Please call me or one of your sales people, to totalize the order for my 2019 Ford Ranger Super Cab with a 6 foot bed. I want the 4 set. I would like to finialize the price with financing like $100/month to pay the total bill.

    • Hi Ronald,

      Our crew is online by 6AM PST, if you’re calling from the east coast, that might be why you were having trouble getting through. Please let me know if you weren’t able to get to anyone, and I’ll have someone reach out.

      Thank you!

  2. Hi I have a 2019 Dodge Ram Regular cab I am looking to purchase floor mats by weather tech but your website does not offer Regular Cab choices for matching vehicles to purchase.

  3. Garrett,
    I have a SuperWinch 45 that I purchased some time ago… to put on my 2001 Kawasaki Mule 3010. Now that I want to install I find that it needs a mounting kit for that particular model…..of which I don’t have. After checking SW website I find that they don’t show a kit for my Mule…..only for a diesel model (mine is MOT diesel). So I find that you are a SW dealer……and you should have me in your system for previous purchases.

    Do you have a mount kit for my application?


    • Hey Kirk,

      Hmm, I checked with our vendors and it seems the only one I can find is for 02+, so not sure what the compatibility would be there.

      Wish I had a better answer for you!
      Good luck,

  4. hello i have a 2008 acura mdx , i wanna put a hitch on it . iv been looking around and came across your TRU XP trailer hitch. it looks like the same thing at the brand “curt” has . just wanna make sure its not the same product . and can i purchase the wire harness i need for the trailer lights from you ? I see a lot of people are buying the “Curt” brand trailer hitches and as i read the comments they say the product is not that good . it rusts quick, the finish is not good on them . can you tell me do you do anything different with your finish then them ? thank you for your time

    • Hey Chris,

      The hitches do look similar but they are not the same. The Curt hitches are made here in the US while the TruXP hitches are made overseas. The Curt has a lifetime warranty while the TruXP has a 3-year warranty as well, hence the Curt being a bit more expensive. Honestly, hitches are in a spot where you’re bound to get some rust if you live in the salt belt due to where they’re situation, and the fact that they take scrapes and bumps quite a bit. Both will get the job done, but between the two, I would choose the Curt, personally. I’ve installed several of their hitches in the past, they have all been very high quality.

      You can get the wiring for the lights on the Curt hitch product page or you can find all our wiring options here:

      Hope this helps! I’ll send you this in an email as well.

  5. Hi Garret Davis
    So frustrated
    I have been trying to get a return authorization since 5/22/20 and its 5/26/20 now
    i have called (no answer and its been 3 1/2 hours on hold listen to that music)
    I waited on your chat just to get kicked off (after waiting hours)
    and emailed
    Tried returning on your site doesn’t work either
    ( i know it was a holiday weekend but its over and i’ve been at this for hours today not including)

    My experience
    I purchased wheels from you
    before i purchased them i joined the chat
    i asked (Anthony or Tony I think) if these wheels would work on my truck
    He checked and said yes
    when i received them I took them to National Tire and Battery
    I recommended that they take one wheel off and check
    lucky they did
    They did not fit right
    They said the off set was wrong and they hit the caliber

    I just want to return them and need a return authorization number

    Thank you
    Frustrated like never before

    • Hey Harry,

      I just talked to Tony, we’ll get this sorted out for you. Shooting you an email now!


  6. I have been trying to communicate with your company for the pass three days with no success. I have called your number with no response 4 or 5 times and was put on hold for at less one and a half hours each time. I attempted to return the item (Chrome Hood Shield) because it is damaged (cracked). The first order was sent back because it was for a Honda, my vehicle is a 2018 GMC Sierra.

    I am getting frustrated because I can’t seem to get in touch with your customer service representatives. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to speak to someone from Auto Anything.

    • Hi Dwayne,

      Very sorry you’ve had such a frustrating time with your return, I’m going to shoot you an email right now to see if we can get this going for you. With COVID delays, our warehouses and customer service team has been slammed, but we’ve gone through a few rounds of hiring and are trying to work through it!

      I appreciate your patience, talk to you soon!

  7. Need to return a hitch that does not fit my car. I was advised by your salesperson that the hitch fits ALL Toyota Camry’s but I went to two different places which told me the hitch you told me would fit will not. Was on hold more than an hour and a half yesterday before I hung up. Took almost an hour today for the chat to get through 8 people in the queue so I went from 27 to 19. I do not have a few more hours to wait. Then I am supposedly on a “fast track” line that the sales rep put me through which supposedly was only 18 minutes but it’s now 52 minutes I’ve been on hold. Please send to me whatever I need to do a return for Order # 73775683 which was ordered on 5/5/2020.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been having such a hard time with this, that is definitely not the experience that we strive for here. I’m going to shoot you an email now to get this figured out.



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