Dash Designs: No More Eye Sores on Your Dash

Dash Designs Dash Mats

After a long day at work, a strenuous workout, or coming back from a ball game all day, climbing into your sweltering vehicle is the last thing you want to experience. Especially after a hard workout, the last thing you and your body needs is a mobile sauna. Even with the latest HVAC technology, that air conditioning feels like it takes an eternity to cool your cabin down. Parking in the shade is a rarity, and not everyone has remote start in their vehicle to get the air going early. Luckily for you and your car, there is a solution to help control that blistering heat in your vehicle. Dash Designs steps up to the plate with their line of dash covers and steering wheel covers.

Dash Designs Suede Dash Mats

The sun can be your best friend or worst enemy at the same time. We all yearn for the summer days where we hang up our coats and bust out the swimsuits. But that warm sunny weather comes with a price. We have all experienced that blinding glare that occurs when the sun comes bouncing off the dash directly into your eyes. All of the sun visors and sunglasses in the world cannot defend against that. Along with that, the sun makes everything inside your vehicle feel like you climbed into the sun itself. Your steering wheel becomes a circular ring of fire, your dash feels like a bed of coals, it is uneasy to find a cool thing to touch when getting into your vehicle.

All of those troubles and woes can be prevented with Dash Designs. For that flaming ring of fire that is your steering wheel, soft cool materials wrap your steering wheel preventing it from cooking in the sun. The soft material makes your steering wheel more appealing to grab whenever you climb into your cabin. Not only does Dash Design steering wheel covers reduce the heat on your steering wheel, but they shield your factory upholstery from future UV damage and handling wear. Gone are the days of cracked steering wheels or fading color. There is a steering wheel cover for every taste and flavor. Pick between several colors and materials to your liking such as leather, polyester, microfiber, and even a wood-trimmed leather to satisfy the ultimate luxury customer.

To reduce the heat on your flaming dashboard, opt for Dash Designs dash covers. Utilizing the same formula as their steering wheel covers, covering your dashboard with a dash cover from Dash Designs reduces your overall cabin temperature by absorbing the UV rays that enter your vehicle. The materials used are soft to the touch, and also protect your factory dashboard from future abuse and UV wear. Pick between a carpet material, plush velour, brushed suede, camouflage, and even a recycled material for the environmentally friendly customer. Whether it’s your eyes, fingers, or your entire body in need of some cooling assistance, Dash Designs has what you need to keep you and your vehicle cool all summer long.


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