DiabloSport T2 MX: Mission Control on Your Dashboard

DiabloSport Trinity 2 MX

“Launching in T-10 seconds,” *beep boop* you say, taking one final look over the digital array of gauges and vehicle diagnostics in front of you, tightening your grip on the steering wheel before swiping the screen over to the launch timer. You take a deep breath, finger hovering over the Start button, preparing for launch…

DiabloSport Trinity T2 MX Performance Monitor“Do you have to do this every time we go to the store?” Your wife groans next to you, “and why, oh why do you feel the need to say ‘beep boop’ every time you do something on there? Oh, and if you start calling me Houston again I swear…” She says, sitting back in her seat, putting her hands over her face, shaking her head.

You let out a sigh and swipe back to the gauge cluster on your DiabloSport T2 MX and set off like normal. You’ll just have to leave the beep boops for when you go to work in the morning. With the ability to time 0-60 and 1/4 mile sprints, monitor diagnostic codes, and take detailed performance logs, it’s no wonder why you can’t stop playing with the damn thing.

DiabloSport Trinity MX Performance MonitorDesigned to work with any OBD2 vehicle, DiabloSport puts tons of information about your car’s performance and capabilities at your fingertips, as well as helping you diagnose error codes, should any arise. Plus, if your vehicle is supported and you’re feeling the itch for more power, the box can be upgraded over WiFi to download and flash performance and/or MPG optimized tunes.

OK, so it might not exactly rival NASA’s mission control center, but it’s the closest you’re gonna get for under $450. Not too bad a deal if you ask me.

DiabloSport Trinity MX Performance Monitor wallpapers gauges


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