Drive for Uber or Lyft? We’ve Got You and Your Vehicle Covered

Uber and Lyft Rideshare car preparation and tips

Quick, when’s the last time you rode in a taxi? Been a while, right? Goes to show how much ride sharing has blown up in the recent years, it’s huge now!

I drove for Lyft for about a year when I moved to Detroit after college, and it was a great way to get to know the city I lived in and the people in it. It was charming to see the excitement in people’s faces to see their rides pull up after a long Friday or Saturday night. I almost felt heroic to be transporting individuals to and from their hard working jobs.

As many rideshare drivers know, your driver rating is everything. Not only do you need to worry about cleanliness of your vehicle, safety, and organization, but you have to protect your stuff along the way. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that other people will never take care of your stuff the way you will, so we’ll help you CYA (Cover Your Ass) in more ways than one.

Protection From the Unexpected

Seat Covers

Leather seat stitching

Whether you want to make sure your seats stay in prime shape, revive already worn ones, or are looking for a new look seat covers are the best way to do it. If anything on this list is essential for ride share driver, it’s probably these. Worn out, stained seats can tank your resale value, and are expensive to replace or reupholster if the worst happens.

You can go for the more upscale feeling and easy to clean leatherette (and real leather of course) covers, or something more purpose-built and functional like the waterproof neoprene and neosupreme options from brands like Wet Okole and CalTrend.

There are tons of options for materials, patterns, and colors, maybe even too many if I’m being honest. If you find yourself totally lost, don’t worry, we’ve got a full guide you can check out.

Staff Picks:

Floor Mats

Husky Liners WeatherBeaters

The dirtiest parts of us on a regular day are the bottoms of our shoes (I mean, hopefully), so it’s no wonder there’s an entire industry around trying to make sure that the parts of your car or truck that encounters them are protected.

If you live where there’s a lot of snow, salt, and mud on the streets, there’s really no replacement for some heavy duty, rubber all-weather floor mats — preferable a custom fitted set that will keep all that sludge contained. Or, if you want to retain the more cozy look and feel of carpet, you’ll find plenty of options that offer more protection, are easier to clean, and are more resistant to moisture and stains than most stock floor mats.

Staff Picks:

Husky Liners WeatherBeaters

Lloyd Mats Luxe Carpet Liners

Safety 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Phone Mounts

Car cell phone mount

Ride sharing utilizes smartphones and tablets for almost all of its duties. From requesting passengers, to navigating through streets, your phone is a necessity in this field. However, you can’t just hold the thing in your hand as you drive around, the last thing your passengers want to see is you looking down at your phone while their life is in your hands.

That’s why we offer dead simple set ups that mount easily into HVAC vents, sturdy cupholder mounts, or heavy-duty mounts that secure onto the dashboard or windshield.

Staff picks:

Bracketron O2 Vent Mount

Bracketron Tough Tablet Mount

Dash Cams

Dash cam in traffic

Safety should always be your number one priority when delivering passengers to their locations, and after that, it’s CYA time. It’s a crazy world out there., you really never know what could happen — or importantly, what you need to prove happened to the police or in court. 

These days, it’s better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it. We’ve got everything you need to document both what’s happening inside and outside, and even advanced 360° view cameras to cover everything.

We even have dash cams from Nextbase that have emergency response alert capabilities, and even freaking Alexa functionality built in for ultimate hands free use. Crazy right?

Staff Picks:

Nextbase Dash Cams

Top Dawg Dual DVR Dash Cam

The difference between being an average Uber driver, and a 5-star driver can be achieved by simply adding some of the finer details to your mobile “office”. These things go a long ways towards an overall feeling of professionalism towards your passengers, and covering yourself in case the worst happens. this is a crowded industry, you’ve got to standout somehow, so now you can add some 5-star details to your 5-star rideshare.

For more recommendations, check out our curated list helpful rideshare products.

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