Drums vs. Disc Brakes


Drums vs. Disc Brakes – Learn the Differences Between These Two Common Braking Systems

Modern braking systems are wonders of technology, using sensors, computers and precisely engineered parts to safely stop your vehicle, but this wasn’t always the case. While some cars use a drum brake system that has remained largely unchanged for nearly 100 years, most cars use a modern, disc brake system. In this article we’ll cover the differences between drum and disc brakes and the advantages of using either type.

Drum Brakes

  • Drums are made from cast iron and are named for their “drum-like” shape
  • All brake components are contained within the confines of the drum.
  • You could get a car with drums on all 4 wheels until the early 1970’s. Now, you’ll usually only see drums on the rear axles of economy cars and trucks.
How do they work?
What are the benefits of drum brakes?

Disc Brakes

What are disc brakes?
How do they work?

What are the benefits of disc brakes?

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