Have a JL Wrangler? DV8 Off Road Has Some Stuff You Might Wanna See

Jeep JL Wrangler DV8 Off Road

This is a magical time. The JL Wrangler has been out for over a year now, and the aftermarket parts market for these has already exploded. One of the first out of the gate with a seriously huge line of off road and armor goodies is DV8 Off Road, with everything from bumpers and tire carriers to hydraulic bump stops and half doors.

Of course they have an even bigger selection of products for the JK and even some stuff for other trucks and some off road lights, but the JL the new hotness right now, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on.

Jeep JL Wrangler DV8 Off Road

OK, so what are we looking at here? Well that black Jeep above has DV8’s FS-25 Stubby bumper with their WB12SR 12k winch, their aluminum inner fender kit, front skid plate, JEEP JL FRONT SKID PLATE / SWAY BAR DISCONNECT SKIDand RBJL-06 rear bumper.

One nice thing about the JL is that most front bumpers from the JK fit with an adapter (or a slight modification to the bumper), so you’re open to a ton of different options depending on the look and need you had in mind. That’s not to say there aren’t already plenty of JL specific parts, like their crash bar/sway bar disconnect skid plate like shown on the right.

JEEP JL TAILGATE MOUNTED TIRE CARRIER 18-PRESENT WRANGLER JL DV8 OFFROAD Unfortunately rear bumpers, tire carriers, rock sliders, doors, and fenders don’t transfer over, but the guys at DV8 have you covered anyway. Speaking of tire carriers, the new JL has steel reinforcement built into the tailgate now, making them able to hold a lot more weight.

You will probably need a carrier to bolt onto the tailgate to actually clear the big tire, like shown on the left, that way you retain the ability to just open the tailgate freely and not have to swing the tire carrier out first like you might have had to do previously.

DV8 Off Road Jeep JL Wrangler

Going back to protection, a good set of rock sliders will go a long way in preserving your investment from rock rash, while having the added benefit of serving as a step up, depending on the model you choose. Plus they feature tough powder coating and .160 wall steel that can hold up to off road abuse, and you have options that just bolt on, so no permanent modification is needed.

DV8 LED Off Road Lights Jeep JL WranglerThen of course because this is 2019, you have your obligatory LED light bars, pods, and fog lights — basically to the point to where you look more like a rolling, heavily armored neutron star than a Jeep. Oh, and don’t forget the winch! If you’re going all out on everything else, you might as well make sure you can get back home, you know? DV8 gets bonus points here for offering a version with synthetic line here, which is definitely worth the extra cost for safety.

You really couldn’t be more spoiled for choice here. The aftermarket for Jeeps has always been strong, but it’s just ridiculous the amount of options that are available today.

I guess a lot of people really do understand this whole Jeep thing after all.


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