EBC Brakes, Rotors & Pads Customer Reviews


EBC Customer Reviews

EBC Sport Rotors Reviews
These are the best rotors and pads I have ever had on my Truck, They are so much better than stock. I am sorry I did not buy them sooner. Auto Auto Anything has the best prices ever and the fastest shipping I have seen yet.

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BC Ultimax Slotted Rotors Reviews

These rotors are great paired with the red stuff brakes. There is a clear noticeable difference from stock OEM brakes to the arrangement I have now. The only downside is the braking in period which I’m working through now. the first 10 miles or so you or your mechanic may heard loud squealing which will almost make you think you installed them wrong, However it is just the coating coming off from both brake (if applicable) and Rotors. Overall I will for sure buy the same arrangement again.

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EBC Premium Brake Rotors

I’m a automotive tech I used many different aftermarket parts and oem parts and these rotors are top notch quality great casting, painted for no rust unlike other cheap rotors using oil to keep from rusting, perfect fit.


EBC BSD Brake Rotors

My Honda OEM brake rotors were junk from day one. The Honda service manager said not to use my brakes in the rain they will warp. Isn’t that ridiculous – I live in Fl. Received my EBC BSD rotors in about 5 days. They came double boxed. They were marked “L” & “R” since they are designed to rotated in one direction. Installation was easy. They look good and don’t make any wind noise! The steering wheel vibration is now gone. Thanks EBC. Thanks AutoAnyThing, BEST PRICE & SERVICE!

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EBC Ultimax Reviews – Great for OE Replacements & Daily Driving

I used EBC Ultimax brake pads on the my 05 Jeep Wrangler when changing the front brakes. The pads seem to be very high quality in comparison to other pads I have used of Chinese origin. I like the fact that the pads come with a break-in coating, eliminating the need to do any special bedding/burnishing procedures. I am pleased with these pads thus far and will probably continue using these over other manufacturer’s pads throughout the future.


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EBC Green Supreme Reviews – Trucks & SUVs Looking for Low Dust Performance

I can’t begin to say how much better “green stuff” is as no one would believe me. I will say that “green stuff 7000” in the front with EBC slotted and dimple drilled rotors and 6000 in the rear my stopping distance from 60 mph may be reduced by as much as 30%/40% over stock brakes. No BS!!VIEW MORE REVIEWS

EBC Red Stuff Reviews – Low Dust Performance Pad for Spirited Street & Daily Driving

Put these on my Nissan Titan, feels like the brakes are twice the size now!!!! I was so impressed I replaced BMW pads the next week. Now when I brake I always check my rear view mirror. Highly recommend the red stuff pads!!!!

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EBC Yellow Stuff Reviews – Great for Aggressive Street Driving & Track Days

EBC Blue Stuff Reviews – Great for Road Racing & Track Days, Aggressive Compound

I had been using Hawk pads looking for the promised great street/track pad that people claimed they were. The only Hawks that worked are very hard on rotors and noisy. I moved on to StopTech and Baer performance pads, good street pads but not a track pad. Next I tried the EBC Yellows then Blues when first came out then to Blue NDX. The NDX are the BEST street/track pads so far with great pedal feel, long rotor life and good fade resistance. Work on my S197 GT and M3 track days and DD street use.


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