Fight the Elements with these New ProZ Car Covers

ProZ Auto Accessories

It’s time we address the mortal enemy of any dedicated car guy: those damned birds. You circled around the parking lot looking for a space that had some shade, and you finally found a nice tree to park under, only to come back later to see your baby has had war declared on it by a foe with massive air superiority.

ProZ Indoor Car CoverThe closer you get to your car, the worse it becomes. They should be tried for war crimes after such egregious use of biological weapons! You get in and try to spray the windshield, but the wipers just spread it around. You just washed the car the past weekend and now it’s completely covered in sh…

Shame. It’s covered in shame.

Don’t worry, ProZ has you, and more importantly your ride covered with a line of custom fitted indoor and outdoor car covers, all without paying the high price of the bigger names. The Silver Shield Outdoor Covers feature multiple layers to keep out unwanted moisture and UV protection, while the Soft Stretch Indoor Covers hide your car away from all the dust that your garage seems to shower everything with.

ProZ Silver Shield Outdoor Car CoverWith an ultra soft, plush inner layer to keep your paint protected, and sewn in grommets to better anchor the cover down in windy areas, these covers go on and off with ease and without worry of damaging your paint. The covers also come with a storage bag that is compact enough to toss in the trunk without taking up too much space.

Do your part in the war effort against these winged beasts. Your paint will thank you.


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