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Pedders performance mustang

Nothing says #trackbro like snappin’ a pic of your shiny new coilovers for your Instagram. However, unlike some cheap kits you find in the dark, dingy corners of the internet, Pedders suspension parts will actually get the job done well after you’re done showing them off to your 287 followers (and countin’ baby!).

Coming out of Australia with an R&D facility here in the US, Pedders has been making high quality suspension parts for decades, focusing on track and street performance without sacrificing ride quality. From coilovers, shocks, and springs, to sway bars and bushings, the team at Pedders are doing with suspension what the OEMs wish they could from the factory.

Pedders SportsRyder eXtreme XA Coilover Kit

Shocks and Coilovers:

Depending on how serious you want to get, Pedders has some options for you. If you just want a meaner stance and improved street handling, the EziFit complete struts are an easy drop-in solution. These will give you the lower stance, improved dampening, and sportier ride without the complication, cost, and rigidity of full coilovers.

Pedders SportsRyder eXtreme XA Coilover KitsHowever, if you really mean business, Pedders eXtreme XA coilover kits are designed and tuned for track use, even if that means coming at the expense of some ride comfort. They are height, bump, and rebound adjustable so they can be fine-tuned to your setup and needs.

Swaybars and Bushings:

There’s more to your suspension than those cool looking red coil springs and shiny chrome hardware, and your sway bar and bushings are unsung heroes that don’t get the credit they deserve. Your sway bar connects either side of your suspension to act as a torsion bar, resisting body roll and weight transfer — Pedders SportsRyder sway bars take this a step further, offering more balanced handling, and leaving you with less surprises going into and out of tight turns.

Pedders SportsRyder Sway BarsBushings, bushings, bushings. No one really thinks about them until they hear a clunking noise or something just isn’t feeling right. These poor, mostly forgotten components are a key element to solid performing and long lasting suspension. Not only do your suspension bushings effect your car’s ride and handling, but can also have negative implications for tire wear and alignment when worn out. Pedders bushings are made from tough polyurethane, rated for track use without being too harsh or noisy like some other aftermarket bushings.

So what’s it going to be? Are you a #trackbro or a track pro?

Pedders performance suspension BRZ


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