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Brendan Prickett

Product Sales Specialist


Hello! My name is Brendan, and I am a Sales Specialist here at AutoAnything!

I am Indiana-born (1990), Atlanta-raised, and recently moved to Southern California  due to a lucky work transfer. 

I have been in the automotive business since 2008, starting from delivering parts to counter sales, to service advisor, all the way up to service operations management. I grew up drilling holes in catalytic converters for “fun” sounds (sounds better when you’re a kid!), but have luckily moved on to more proper setups. 

I am married, have 4 cats (Named: Maylene Gypsy Danger, Lucatiel, Eevee, and MauMau), own a 2015 Focus ST and a 2016 Jaguar FType S. In our spare time, we love to travel, sit outside by the fire pit, go to concerts, and eat as much sushi as physically possible. 

My #1 favorite place in the world is Japan, I’ve spent 3.5 weeks over there during cherry blossom season in spring of 2019, and would love to live there one day.



More power, the better! Turbos. Superchargers. Anything to scare the person in the passenger seat! (

HOWEVER… my personal favorites the we sell on a day to day basis:

APS Truck Armor Drop Steps are hands down my favorite side steps. I just think they look so so good and unique, and for a ridiculously good price.

The Smittybilt Overlander Tent... this thing is so incredibly cool, when I get my Jeep built (that I dont have yet) I will absolutely be purchasing this for it. Everything about this kit is top tier quality and functionality. Corsa and Borla exhaust systems are my top 2 favorite. Both are completely tried and true with the best sounds, gargles, pops, and they all look so, so good under the car. More inhale from intakes, more exhale from exhausts, more power!

$229.99 - $286.99 /pair
$218.99 - $3,294.99