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Bryce Bomkamp

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Bryce here!

I’m a Chat Sales Agent here at – going on 10 years with the company! My passion? Anything with a motor! From off-road trucks racing Baja, to JDM tuner cars…even luxury exotics – I love it all. 

My automotive interest was ignited at a young age, wanting to DIY the maintenance on my first truck – a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4×4…which enabled me to get out to the desert and ride dirt bikes. I soon learned that off-roading frequently results in breaking stuff! That truck taught me so much, but I soon upgraded to an ’05 Toyota Tacoma TRD – opening the door to my obsession with aftermarket upgrades, and Baja racing. By the age of 18, I was part of a Class 7 team racing SCORE International including the Baja 1000. After two years wrenching on the truck and putting in time, I was given the opportunity to become a co-driver. We then went on to win a few class championships, a couple DNFs, and one minor transmission fire (don’t worry, I dove out the window headfirst). 

Fast forward to my mid-twenties when I became obsessed with Subarus. To date, I’ve owned SEVEN, and currently have two. My various Subarus transported me from San Diego, CA to Big Bear Mountain almost every weekend over the winter months to snowboard, and you bet I enjoyed driving those windy roads up the elevation. 

One of my favorite Subarus – and the one that introduced me to my wife – was my ’06 WRX wagon. It was my first turbo Subaru, and I was stoked to take it to the local car meets. It was like any other parking lot car meet … sunset, hoods popped, boxer motors rumbling … and then, I saw her. A 2006 World Rally Blue STi – my dream Subaru. Little did I know, my dream girl was driving. 

Here I am today, married to that amazing woman, living in Texas with our daughter, and of course… that same gorgeous STi, (plus a few upgrades)!

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, eating & cooking great food, watching too many car-related YouTube channels, exploring the great state of Texas, and occasionally wrenching on my Subarus.  



The first modification I do to my vehicles is a Cold Air Intake. They are one of the easiest installs…and always unlock a little extra horsepower and increase throttle response. My favorite is the aFe, as they offer an enclosed box system, keeping heat away from the filter efficiently, and best protects your motor.

Next, I always upgrade my exhaust systems. The factory exhausts are generally too quiet and restrictive for my taste. Borla is one of few brands that offers a no-drone system, allowing you to enjoy those road trips in peace, but still offering that nice deep tone when you step on it.

Lastly, suspension upgrades always pay off. If you’re looking to do any performance driving – whether you’re a spirited daily driver, smashing lap times at the track, or prefer rock-crawling your JEEP or truck… suspension will get you where you need to go. For high performance on-road, I love KW Coilovers, and all things Whiteline. For off-road, Fox Coilovers are the way to go. They served me well on my Tacoma so many years down in Baja.

$291.99 - $1,513.99
$201.99 - $3,304.99
$569.00 - $9,769.00 /kit