Get Out and Explore with AMP Off-Road Tires

AMP Tires Terrain Pro A/T P All Terrain Tires Toyota Tacoma

AMP Tires may seem like the new kids on the block in the tire game, but man did they come out swinging with their new range of off-road tires. Depending on how serious you plan on getting offroad, and the type of terrain you’ll be covering, you have a few options to choose from.

Let’s start with the big guns:

Terrain Attack M/T A

AMP Terrain Attack A/T Mud Terrain Tire


The Attack M/T trades some on-road comfort and noise for outright off-road performance. With big, meaty lugs, side biter edges, and big voids in the tread for maximum grip in mud, snow, and rocks. The tires were given strategic siping and staggered lugs for wet weather conditions on the road, a place where many aggressive offroad tires struggle.

Beneath those side lugs is a tough 3-ply sidewall for extra protection from sharp rocks or road hazards. Sizes range from 33″ all the way up to 40″ on a wide range of wheel height and widths.

Terrain Pro A/T P

AMP Terrain Pro A/T P Tire

Here we have AMP’s latest offering, and probably their best all arounder. More lugs and more aggressive siping make this their best wet weather tire, as well as the quietest of the three. The Pro A/T also offers the best road manners, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that these can’t hold their own off the pavement.

With an impressive 60k mile treadlife warranty, these make for a great option as a daily driver/weekend warrior tire. It’s hard to ask for more from a tire than that.

Terrain Attack A/T

AMP Terrain Attack A/T All Terrain tireAnd last but not least, we have the Terrain Attack A/T. This is another solid all-arounder, but with slightly rougher edges than the Pro A/T. These will be a little louder on the road, but in terms of off-road prowess, will sit right between the previous two. These feature wider, beefier lugs and aggressive sidewall tread, making these great options for overlanding.

These tires feature a respectable 40k mile tread life warranty at a price where you’d be hard-pressed to find better performance.

AMP Terrain Attack A/T

I keep finding myself saying this, but it becomes more and more true everyday. Damn, it’s a good time to be a car enthusiast.


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