Get Your Accessories Under Control with the Pro Comp SS-6 Universal Switch Panel

Pro Comp SS-6 Universal Switch Panel

With all the lights and accessories we add onto our rigs these days, finding space to place all the switches is enough of a problem in itself, let alone trying to make them look somewhat nice. Plus, wiring can quickly become something of a nightmare pretty quickly once you add lights, lockers, air compressors, a winch, a cooler, a powered disco ball, or whatever else people put on their vehicles these days.

Luckily, the guys over a Pro Comp know a thing or two about the demands of a well equipped offroad rig, and have come up with the SS-6 switch panel as a smart solution to clean up both your messy wiring and a slick looking solution for all the switches that had to go somewhere.

Pro Comp Jeep JL Wrangler SS-6 switch panel

Basically how it works is, everything is wired into a single hub under the hood that provides power (with fuses) and preset channels to wire each accessory into. From there, a wiring harness splits off to your battery for power, and then into the cabin for you to place the switch panel itself wherever works for you.

The panel itself is made out of aluminum and glass with an IP67 dust and waterproof rating, and can is compact enough to be placed just about anywhere you want. The panel is capacitive like a touch screen, and comes with 24 different laser engraved stickers that will cover most any accessory you might have.

Pro Comp SS-6 Switch Plates
Pro Comp SS6 Switch Panel What's Included
Pro Comp SS-6 Switch Panel Stickers
Pro Comp SS-6 Switch Panel Under Hood Module

I've been looking into piecing together a system similar to this for my own personal build, but this is such a well put together kit that this is hard to pass up. Click on the images above for a look at what all the switch stickers available as well as what else comes in the kit. And for a demonstration of the panel, check out the video below.

Pretty slick, eh?


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