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First off, it’s important to understand exactly what your muffler does. In the simplest of terms, it reduces noise to a bearable level. When internal combustion takes place within your engine, exhaust gases are expelled as high-pressure pulses. These pulses are what create the powerful sound waves that some people love and others hate.

Finding the Right Fit

  • Are you dealing with a single or dual exhaust system? Logically, a single exhaust requires a single-inlet muffler. If you’re merging a dual exhaust into one, then you need a dual-inlet muffler.
  • Your inlets – and occasionally, outlets – need to be matched to your existing exhaust pipe diameter. If the end is fully exposed, you can use a simple tape measure or ruler to measure from one outside edge to the opposite outside edge across the center point. To find the internal diameter, do the same thing, only starting from the inside edge to the opposite inside edge. If the end of the pipe is blocked, however, you can use a pair of dial calipers to find the outside diameter. Finding the internal in this instance is a little more difficult – you’ll have to cut the pipe to make a proper measurement. For more detailed instructions, check out our article How to Measure Your Exhaust Pipe.
  • Under-vehicle clearance must also be taken into account before finalizing your choice. Make sure the casing size and shape allows enough room within the confines of your ride’s undercarriage. The right length ensures ease of installation and proper clamping.

Chambered Mufflers

As their name implies, chambered mufflers from Flowmaster use a series of internal chambers to turn the street sound down, while simultaneously producing that throaty growl so often associated with American muscle cars. These are best saved for just about any high-performance street machine with a V8 and rear wheel drive.

Laminar Mufflers

Whereas chambered mufflers have been getting the job done since 1897, laminar flow sound mufflers are on the cutting-edge of innovation in Flowmaster’s lineup. They actually accelerate the exhaust flow as it passes through the tapered core and expands into the large volume outer core area in multiple layers. This all adds up to a design that delivers distinct torque and horsepower improvements over straight-through designs, along with a deep, mellow exhaust tone.

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