How to Identify Your Differential


Differential Identification


Do you have an Axle Tag Number or Axle Tube Stamp?

Dana & Ford Differential Identification

Identify by Differential Cover Shape

Shop Popular Differential Products


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Mike Cote
My 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road Access Cab 4x4 offers bed space to camp in, haul my dirt bike around, and it's been done up to take on the trails. Favorite mods include my Icon coilovers to soak up the bumps. My Walker Evans 501 Legend wheels wrapped in Toyo RT tires give me the clearance from my upper control arms to fit (and they look darn good) and the over-sized tires take on rocks with plenty of traction. My Rigid Industries fog lights have kept me out of a ditch or two when night wheeling. Growing up going to car shows and helping my dad work on the family vehicles ignited my passion. My best memory was the first time I flushed the coolant. My dad forgot to tell me to keep my face out from under the drain plug. Never made that mistake again!


  1. Can someone help me out i need to know what rearend is in my 77 vega it has been v8 swap from past owner but it has four lug pattern on it axle code is 2ewk104 and I’ve found no help with Google

    • Hey Trevor, I’m going to shoot you an email on this. It could be a few different differentials, the best way to figure it out would be if you could snap a picture of the pumpkin and we can try to figure it out from there.


    • Hey Michael,

      Hmm, I’m going to shoot you an email on this to see if I can get more info. If I knew what vehicle the axle was on or came out of as well as some pictures, that would be super helpful.



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