How to Increase Horsepower & Torque for Your Ford F-250


Top Products For Adding Horsepower and Torque

Air Intake

1. Air Intake or High-Flow Replacement Filter

The pairing of cool air and a high-performance reusable filter makes the aftermarket air intake an unbeatable upgrade. Delivering tons of bang for your buck, you might be surprised at the benefits you’ll reap including super-powered performance and improved fuel economy.

  • Custom drop-in design makes installation a breeze
  • Available with a range of filter styles and materials
  • Some models may not be CARB-legal in all 50 states

2. Throttle Body Spacer (for naturally aspirated models only)

  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials
  • Installs in less than an hour with common hand tools
  • Custom-engineered for your specific pickup

3. Cat Back Exhaust

  • Expertly engineered to the specification of your F-250
  • Hassle-free, bolt-on installation
  • Choose from a single or dual exit system (most models)

4. Tuner

  • Tuned with multiple modes to match your driving style
  • Equipped with a high-res touchscreen for crystal clear readings
  • Delivers improvements immediately – just plug-n-play

5. Upgraded Intercooler (Diesel)

  • High-quality construction for long-term use
  • Custom-made specifically for your Ford
  • Engineered for minimal pressure drops and maximum boost

6. Headers (Gas) or High-Flow Downpipe (Diesel)

  • Mandrel-bent tubing ensures unrestricted flow
  • Choose from several pipe styles including shorty and long tube
  • Diesel downpipes add a distinct, deep exhaust tone

7. Larger Throttle Body

  • Wide-range of sizes to match your performance level preference
  • Designed for direct factory replacement – no-hassle installation
  • CNC-machined from high-quality materials to last the long haul

Turbo Downpipe

8. Supercharger (Gas) or Upgraded Turbo (Diesel)

  • Mandrel-bent tubing releases the factory bottleneck
  • Bolts on to your factory mounting locations
  • Some models require a front-pipe and/or a turbo downpipe

9. Meth Injection (Diesel)

  • Choose from several custom kits (depending on model)
  • Can improve your truck’s fuel economy by up to 30%
  • Keeps your EGTs far from reaching red
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