How to Install a Bike Rack


How to Install a Bike Rack on Your Vehicle

Installing a Bike Rack

Hitch Bike Racks & Roof Bike Racks Explained

Lock it down! No matter if your new bike rack is a hitch mount or roof mount, always get a lock for your rack. The boldest bicycle bandits and parking lot purloiners are not easily discouraged, and simply locking your gear to an unlocked rack is an invitation to take everything—rack and all.

It Depends on Your Vehicle Model

Trunk mount racks will traditionally have foot pads that get positioned against the bottom of your trunk and securing straps that clip into place above the trunk lid. Once the rack is positioned properly, the securing straps are then tightened to ensure no slack is present. Before loading a bike, it’s not a bad idea to apply downward pressure with your hands to ensure the rack is sturdy and ready to load.

Bike Rack Features

  • Easy on and off
  • Folding design that stows away with ease
  • Sturdy straps that keep your 2-wheeler secure
  • Proper capacity to hold the number of bikes you need to carry
  • Locks that keep the rack and your steeds in place
  • Solid Warranty

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Learn how to install a bike rack on your car, truck or SUV.



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