How to Install a Brush Guard: A Guide to Truck Grille & Brush Guards


Brush Guards Installation

Installation Process in 7 Easy Steps

1. Install the lower brackets onto the grille guard with the supplied hardware. You’ll want to hand-tighten these brackets.

2. Have somebody help you lift the bar into place. Make sure it’s centered on the bumper.

3. Hold the brush guard in place and have somebody mark the bumper or bumper cover. Using a grease pencil, have them trace along the outside of the brackets as well.

4. Cut the marked plastic away using your die grinder and cut-off wheel. Test-fit the guard again, and repeat the trim procedure until the brush bar mounts sit squarely on the frame. Mark the bolt holes.

5. Drill out the bolt holes and slide a washer over each one. Then, slide the guard into the holes. Slide another washer into place and install the nuts.

6. Slide the top mounting brackets through your grille, lining one side up with your brush bar mount and resting the other against your radiator core support. Repeat the fitting, drilling and mounting procedure for each of the top mounts, hand-tightening each bolt.

7. Torque all mount bolts in place.

What’s the Right Brush Guard for You?

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