How to Install a Car Bra on Your Vehicle


Car Bra Installation

Installation Step by Step

  1. Thoroughly clean the front of your car and apply a nice coat of wax. Though modern car bras often sport a soft, paint-friendly inner liner, they can still trap moisture and grit, which results in paint damage.
  2. Let the car bra warm up in the sun prior to installation. This way, the car bra becomes more pliable, allowing you to stretch it into place with ease.
  3. Follow the car bra manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to snapping and clipping the bra into place. In most cases, installation is a cinch, with little or no tools required. As a rule of thumb, slowly tighten each strap, working back and forth from side to side to ensure that the car bra doesn’t shift out of place or that one side ends up tighter than the other.
  4. Remember that your vehicle’s shape plays a factor in the installation process. Vehicles with less-contoured shapes—such as Toyota Corollas—make installation a bit easier than vehicles with detailed lines and curves, like a Porsche Boxster.

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