How to Install a Cold Air Intake


Cold Air Intake Installation

Choosing the right intake brand

More top-notch cold intakes brands

Once you choose the right brand, here’s how you install

  1. Make sure your engine is cool to the touch.
  2. Disconnect your battery cable from the negative terminal.
  3. Remove your old air intake.
  4. Attach the silicone coupling that came with the CAI kit to the throttle body.
  5. Secure the coupling by tightening a hose clamp at the end.
  6. Place another hose clamp on the front of the coupling, but don’t tighten it just yet.
  7. Slide the intake tube into the silicone coupling, and ensure that your intake pipe is running from the throttle bay away from the engine bay.
  8. Tighten the silicone coupling and secure all brackets on the tube.
  9. Plug the mass air flow sensor into the new cold air intake system.
  10. Reconnect the battery.
  11. Enjoy the new power boosts immediately!


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