How to Install a Roof Rack & Attach Accessories

You’ve already done the hard part — choosing the perfect roof rack for your ride. If you follow our tips and tricks, installing your newest accessory is a cinch.

Installing Roof Racks on Naked, Factory Mount and Raise Roofs

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How To Install Roof Rack Accessories – Bike Roof Racks

How To Install Kayak Roof Racks

How To Install a Surfboard Rack

How to Install a Ski or Snowboard Rack

  1. Check all the enclosed parts that come with your ski or snowboard roof rack. Work on a flat surface and spread all the parts out in front of you.
  2. Prepare to install the crossbars. Refer to instructions to see the appropriate distance between your front and rear crossbar. Widen the crossbar until both bindings fit between them.
  3. Install your crossbar to your vehicle. Check the crossbar’s strength before mounting the entire roof rack system.
  4. Attach mounting clamps.
  5. Mount carrier onto your car. Ensure that your roof rack doesn’t loosen or shift even when shaken with enough force to rock the car.
  6. Load capacity varies depending on the width, size and thickness of your skis and bindings, as well as on your vehicle. Load your gear and refer to the roof rack’s instructions to see carrying capacity for skis, ski poles and snowboards.
  7. A roof-mounted ski is guaranteed to hold your sticks securely, but if your gear is on a higher vehicle (SUVs and lifted trucks), accessing your gear can be difficult. We recommend a tire step, which sits securely on your tire to form a handy ladder. With this handy accessory, you can now easily access your gear.
  8. Do a safety check before heading toward the slopes. Make sure your gear is securely stowed and your roof rack is locked.

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