How to Install a Rooftop Ski Rack


Steps for How to Install a Rooftop Ski Rack

  1. Before mounting, decide where you’d like your ski rack to be positioned along your base rack system. You can choose to install it symmetrically in the center of your vehicle or closer to one side for easier access.
  2. Snap the plastic mounts onto your crossbar in the desired locations. Start from the rear and work forward. The mounts are flexible and should snap into place easily.
  3. Set the rack on top of these mounts and adjust so that the hole in the mounts lines up with the hole in the rack. Slide the provided bolts through the holes, back-to-front. Once you reach the head of the bolt, be sure the square lines up properly.
  4. Open the ski rack to thread the wingnut. NOTE: The ski rack must be open for this because the top half of the rack acts as the lock for the wingnut.
  5. Close the rack and repeat the above steps for the second bar, making sure that the two racks line up.

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