How to Install a Window Deflector


Window Deflector Installation

Adhesive Window Deflector Installation

1. Remove your deflectors from the box and verify you’ve received a complete left/right or front/rear set according to your purchase.

2. Hold each deflector above the appropriate window to make sure you’re comfortable with the proper placement.

3. Use an automotive surface cleaner or alcohol pad (which should be included) to wipe down the area where the tape will be applied. Any dirt or dust can weaken the adhesive’s life span.

4. When the surface dries, slowly remove the backing strip to expose the adhesive about 2” and fold out the excess strip to make an easy-to-grip tab. Be very careful not to touch the adhesive before applying it.

5. Carefully place your deflectors above your front window first, and using the slightly exposed adhesive, secure temporarily in place. Repeat the process with your rear window. Step back and ensure both visors line-up with the contours of your vehicle.

6. Once properly placed, press firmly at the corners, and then slowly remove the rest of the backing strip, pressing along the visor as you go.

Pro Tip: Handling your deflectors with a cloth or gloves will ensure you don’t smudge them during installation.

In-Channel Window Deflector Installation

  1. Remove your deflectors from the box and verify you’ve received a complete left/right or front/rear set according to your purchase.
  2. Roll down every window where you intend on installing in channel vent visors, after making sure they’re clean and dry.
  3. For front windows, make sure the front end of the deflector is on top of the sill and not sliding down into the door. /li>
  4. Once the front end is in position, insert the deflector’s lip into the window channel. Bow the deflector towards you to create tension and slip the rear end of the lip into the window channel leaving a 0.5” gap.
  5. Working along from front to back, slide the deflector’s lip into the window channel. Once in place, a little outward pressure helps secure the deflector properly in the channel.
  6. For rear windows, most deflectors come with an additional adhesive strip. Simply remove the backing and fit the deflector into the rear window by turning it at a slight angle, then straightening it and sliding it into the channel.
  7. Raise the windows to fully secure the deflectors. It’s a good idea to pull out a bit on the deflector when you’re rolling up the windows for the first time.

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