How to Install Bug Deflectors


Bug Deflectors Installation

Installing Your Bug Deflector

  1. Always start any exterior upgrade by washing your vehicle. For this installation, pay extra attention to the area along the front of the hood, where the bug shield will be installed. If you don’t have time to wash your entire vehicle, at the very least, make sure that this area is clean and dry. Make sure to dry the area thoroughly, as the bug shield won’t stick to a wet surface.
  2. Set out all the mounting hardware and measure the width of the bug deflector to determine where to install the mounting hardware. Doing this in advance ensures that your bug shield is centered on your vehicle’s hood.
  3. Attach the mounting hardware as shown in your kit’s instructions. Clamp down the support brackets onto your vehicle’s hood.
  4. Mount the bug shield to the support brackets by either screwing it into place or using the clips and push-rivets, depending on the method specific to your particular kit.

Note: Most quality aftermarket bug deflectors come complete with mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions. The assembly tips listed above are intended for general installation purposes.

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