How to Install Running Boards


Installing Running Boards

Install Running Boards in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Open the packaging for your running boards and make sure that you have all the hardware. Then, read through the installation instructions. Yes, everyone wants to skip this step, but read them. Seriously.
  2. If your vehicle has factory-drilled mounting holes in the frame, then line up the mounting brackets with these holes and tighten up the bolts. If your vehicle does not have factory-drilled holes, you’ll need to drill them yourself following the manufacturer’s instructions (those instructions that you didn’t read in step 1, but really ought to read now).
  3. Once the mounting brackets are firmly anchored to your frame, connect the running boards to the brackets, making sure that they’re centered along your cockpit.
  4. If your running boards included lights, connect the wiring harness and string it into your vehicle’s electrical system. This step might best be left for a professional.

The Perfect Fit

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Follow the instructions below to install your running boards.



  1. What is the standard distance between the floor of Chevy Colorado pickup and running boards? Mine were just installed, and they are only about two inches from the pickup floor, which makes it difficult to use as a step . Do I need to have them lowered or is this the standard height? They’re not much good as a step, just decoration.


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