How to Install Windshield Sun Shades


Sun Shades

Foldable Style Installation

1. First, simply open the sun shade in your car. Trust us – it’s much easier than attempting to open it outside your vehicle and then bringing it inside.
2. Next, slide your shade’s bottom edge onto the farthest-most edge of the dash where it meets the windshield. While doing this, make sure that the sun shade is as close to the windshield as possible.
3. Third, press the shade’s upper edge against your windshield’s upper edge. Your sun shade should come with a small notch in the top that allows it to fit around your rearview mirror and fit flush against your windshield.
4. Lastly, open your sun visors to hold the shade securely to your windshield.
5. To close it, pull the shade’s upper edge toward you and around the rearview mirror. Fold the shade together so that its panels line up when closed. TIP: the highly reflective material can get hot after sitting in the sun, so avoid touching it directly.

Roll-Up Style Installation

1. Unroll your sunshade.
2. Place your shade flush against the windshield and move your sun visors down to hold the shade securely against the glass. Certain shades feature small suction cups that should be pressed firmly against the glass.
3. To close, simply roll your sun shade up and use the convenient built-in Velcro straps to hold it in place for easy storage.

Accordion Style Installation

1. Sitting in the passenger seat, attach the two mounting brackets to the buttons on the back of the shade.
2. With the brackets in place, place the shade next to the pillar post on the passenger side, positioning it in halfway up the windshield. Position the handle so you can easily grab it from the driver’s side with your right hand.
3. Keep the mounting brackets lying flat on the windshield and mark their positions using masking tape, an erasable marker or wax crayon (an assistant may be helpful for this step).
4. Thoroughly clean your windshield, and then remove the backing paper from the adhesive pads on the brackets. Press the shade toward the windshield so that the brackets stick securely to the glass. Try to get as close to the previously marked positions as possible.
5. Smoothly slide the shade off the brackets and firmly press on the brackets’ flat parts.
6. Place the shade onto the brackets on the passenger side.
7. Attach one bracket to the button on the shade’s handle and extend it all the way across the windshield to the driver’s side windshield post. Pull the shade around the mirror – not under it.
8. Like before, mark the latch bracket’s positions using masking tape, an erasable marker or wax crayon, but make sure to leave some room at the top of the windshield to make it easier to lift the sun shade off the bracket and retract into its casting.
9. Attach the driver’s side latch bracket.
10. Simply pull and attach your shade across your windshield – you never have to take it down!

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    • Hey Jessie,

      The silver side faces out to reflect as much light as possible instead of absorbing it and making your car hotter. Some windshield shades do come with silver on both sides, though.


  1. Thanks That makes perfect sense, although I’m sure you’ve seen all the decorative, customized, etc. ones
    facing out to show the ‘picture.’ Why is this? Does it make a big difference?

    • Hey Bevy,

      The reason you want the picture to show outwards is because that’s usually the reflective side of the shade, to keep the light from absorbing into the interior. Some covers will have both sides reflective, though, so in that case it’s user preference.



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