Husky Mud Flaps: What You Need to Know

Husky mud flaps

While mud flaps can make a vehicle look better, they are also incredibly useful add-ons and serve multiple purposes. They protect your vehicle from various threats encountered on the road while also protecting those around you from debris that might shoot into the air.

There are several different types of mud flaps, but it’s hard to compete with the durability of Husky mud flaps. This article will cover the ways Husky mud flaps differ from several other available types, what kind of benefits you can expect from your mud flaps, and some of the different mud flap laws. While there are no federal regulations, there are state-specific laws that require certain vehicles to use mud flaps.

Do You Need Mud Flaps?

Short answer: yes. Almost every car, SUV or truck can benefit from mud flaps. While they might prove more beneficial to vehicles in certain environments with lots of debris.

Husky mud flaps, made from heavy-duty molded plastic, are virtually unparalleled in their ability to prevent debris from harming your vehicle.

Husky Mud Flaps

Compared to other types of mud flaps, Husky’s guards are best equipped to provide the full range of mud flap benefits. They are customized for each vehicle based on the year, make and model, and are a relatively inexpensive investment that pays huge dividends.

  • Custom-made flaps are perfect for any vehicle, regardless of the year, make or model. They can be designed to fit snugly onto any car, truck or SUV.
  • Husky mud flaps are incredibly durable and are made from a heavy-duty plastic that deflects dirt, gravel, rocks, mud, trash, and all other debris.
  • They are designed with a matte black finish that looks great on any vehicle.
  • Installation is simple and takes less than an hour—sometimes this process involves minor drilling to fit the flaps, but this isn’t often the case.

Husky mud flaps are incredibly popular because of their durability and their sleek design. Sometimes, mud flaps are manufactured from rubber which hangs down and flaps around during movement. Each individual Husky mud flap is designed from a single, solid block of plastic which is immobile.

Because they’re made of a single, solid piece of plastic, they are also easy to clean. They can be washed and wiped down with little effort—just use some soap and water. Rubber mud flaps can be more difficult to wipe down and require more effort.

Mud Flap Benefits

There are numerous benefits to mud flaps. In many cases, people don’t realize they need them until it’s too late. Maybe their car has corroded in a sensitive spot, or they’ve shot debris into another vehicle’s windshield and caused damage.

Protect Your Frame

This is the main reason that people buy mud flaps. Driving on any road generates constant damage to your vehicle. Just by driving a few miles you’re likely to drive over material that shoots out behind the tire and vehicle, scratching the paint on your fenders and bumpers. Mud flaps will help you avoid this.

Stay Safe

It’s best to think of mud flaps as a barrier between your tires and the rest of the car. Sometimes, the material that you run over while you’re driving can shoot up and create a driving hazard.

For this reason, many families decide that mud flaps are the correct choice for their vehicle. While you want to protect the investment you made in your vehicle, mud flaps are also an investment in your own safety and others around you.

Protect Others

This is another huge benefit, and some have even argued that this is the most important advantage of mud flaps. When you’re driving on a dirt road, the material that shoots up into your vehicle also shoots in another direction; behind you. If you’re driving on a freeway, and you drive over a little rock or pebble or something larger, it’s possible that it can shoot backward and violently crack the windshield of the person behind you.

When a person’s windshield cracks while driving at a high speed, it’s a very risky situation. It’s even led to serious injury or death. The worst part is that this kind of risk is not limited to one vehicle. One car on the road that is out of control can lead to an accident involving multiple vehicles that can prove seriously fatal.

Mud flaps help avoid this situation. All of the debris that is kicked up in the wake of your vehicle smacks against the mud flaps and falls back harmlessly onto the road or sticks to the flap.

Types of Mud Flaps

While there are several different brands that make mud flaps, Husky is recognized as a leading manufacturer of non-flexible mud flaps. While there aren’t that many differences between rubber and plastic mud flaps, it’s important to know the key differences so that you can understand which is best for you.

Plastic Mud Flaps

Plastic mud flaps, like Husky mud flaps, are most common on smaller vehicles or commercial vehicles. You see them frequently when driving around in urban environments, but they’re also very common and highly useful in rural settings.

  • Because of the strength of the plastic, this type of mudflap is ideal for small cars and cars that have to endure more extreme driving conditions.
  • The plastic easily deflects any materials that shoot up into the wheel well and provide adequate coverage for the majority of commercial vehicles.

Rubber Mud Flaps

Rubber mud flaps are less common in urban settings. If you drive around a city, you aren’t likely to see them on many vehicles outside of large trailer trucks or XL SUVs. This is because they offer a different series of benefits from plastic mud flaps.

  • Rubber mud flaps offer the same durability of plastic mud flaps, but because of their flexibility potentially provide a greater area of protection.
  • They are more likely to be used on large SUVs and non-commercial vehicles.

Mud Flap Laws

There are no federal mud flap regulations, but certain states have implemented mud flap laws for the protection of drivers. If you live in a state that requires mud flaps for your vehicle type, failing to have a pair might lead to fines or tickets that can be easily avoided.

It’s worth taking the time to run a quick search and determine what the laws are in your state. If you’re a frequent driver and unsure if your vehicle requires mud flaps, this list of state rules includes the dimension of vehicles and the various weights at which mud flaps become a requirement.

Why You Need Husky Mud Flaps

Husky mud flaps are customized to fit your vehicle. Not only will they give you the best protection, but they are also incredibly durable and will deflect anything that comes its way. They are easy to clean, easy to install, and give your vehicle a polished look. Try Husky mud flaps for your vehicle today.

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