Husky Truck Bed Liners: The Ultimate Guide

husky truck bed liner

Husky Truck Bed Liners—the ultimate guard against a truck’s worst enemies. Husky Liners offer a simple and durable option to protect your truck from dings, scratches, weather, hazardous chemicals and so much more.

What is a Truck Bed Liner?

Simply put, truck bed liners are products applied to the bed of a truck to protect it from damage. Depending on the material, truck bed liners can also help soften and lessen any abrasion or friction to the knees and hands. They even aid in preventing rust, punctures, and more.

Additionally, they help in securing cargo by preventing materials being stored in the bed from slipping or moving around during transport. Traditionally, truck bed liners are offered in two key options: drop in and spray on.

Drop In

Drop-in truck bed liners come as a single piece that is custom-made to fit the make and model of your truck. They are generally made of plastic and are cheaper than other options. Installation and removal tend to be fairly easy and straightforward. Due to drop-in bed liners being a single piece, products of the elements (dirt, sand, etc.) can get trapped in between the truck bed and liner. Additionally, some find the drop-in option less aesthetically pleasing.

Spray On

Spray-on liners are most commonly made of rubber (polyurethane mixture) and installation is a longer, more tedious process. Spray-on liners are also permanent and often more expensive. With that said, this option is typically more durable. Because there’s no gap between the liner and bed, dirt and sand getting stuck isn’t an issue. Additionally, the rougher texture of spray-on bed liners helps secure cargo being stored in the bed of the truck.

Why Do You Need One?

Truck bed liners serve a wide range of purposes and are almost indisputably necessary. Without proper protection, your truck bed can fall victim to the weather and elements.

Truck beds can be slippery allowing cargo and tools to slide or roll around; Husky liner’s Ultrafiber material inhibits this.

Even if you aren’t hauling tools around in your truck, sooner or later something will scratch or ding it.  Husky’s advanced truck bed liners guard against all types of scuffs, dings, scratches, and penetrations. Even with this exceptional protection, the Ultrafiber is still easy on the knees for when you’re working or loading in the back of your truck. Additionally, Husky liners act as a buffer between your truck bed and any kind of spill.

Why Husky Liners?

Husky’s innovative Ultrafiber truck bed liners are neither drop in nor spray on! The bed liners come as an installable polymer lining that simply attaches to your truck bed with Velcro. There no tools required to install them. Spray-on and drop-in bed liners significantly decrease resale value while Husky’s bed liners are easily removed with no harm done.

Worried about bruising or scratching your knees and hands while working in the bed of your truck? You won’t have to with Husky. The Ultrafiber technology is soft to the touch and easy on the knees. The Ultrafiber is water-resistant, preventing unwanted mold and mildew. Additionally, Husky’s bed liners are easy to clean, easy to install, impact resistant, and your best defense against the elements.

What Kind of Damage do They Protect Against?

Husky’s state of the art technology guards your truck against anything thrown its way, including harmful UV rays. These liners are UV-resistant and fade proof.

Weather isn’t the only threat to your truck, though. The closed-cell foam in Husky bed liners protects against scuffs, scratches, dings, and penetrations all while being easy on the knees.  On top of all this, Husky bed liners are unaffected by spills, harmful chemicals, and corrosive materials.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your truck bed liner is as easy as can be. If all you have is a hose and some soap, that’s just fine. Power washers and vacuums will help return your truck bed liner to pristine condition too.

Bleach, battery acid, mud, dirt, sand, gasoline—you name it—can all be removed. If you ever want to remove your Husky liner, the process is quick and easy. Underneath, your truck bed will be unharmed and spotless.

What Does Installation Require?

Husky liners require no tools for installation. Yes, you read that correctly: no tools required. The bed liners utilize Velcro, adhesive and industrial hook and loop fasteners.  Installation is a quick and easy project that can be accomplished all by yourself.

First, you’ll want to make sure to fully wash and dry the entire bed and tailgate. You’ll then preassemble the Husky liner. From here, you’ll proceed to install the fasteners to the truck bed liner. Lastly, the bed liner floor and bulkhead, sidewalls, and tailgate will go in. Easy as that.

Husky Liner Specs

Due to the custom nature of Husky truck bed liners, specs will differ depending on your truck’s make and model. Husky Ultrafiber truck bed liners come with the sidewalls, bedwalls, and a tailgate mat.

The gap guard will prevent debris and small cargo from entering the groove between your truck bed and tail, and the ¾” cushioned floor and foam underside will guard your precious cargo and truck bed. If you can’t find your truck’s make and model, you can measure the bed yourself. Using a tape measure, measure the length between the inside of the tailgate and the inside of the truck’s bed at the back of the cab. Round to the nearest ½ foot.

What Models Do They Fit?

AutoAnything carries a vast array of custom bed liners for most makes and models. It should be noted that if your truck is no longer in production, AutoAnything might not have it due to the lessening demand. Here are makes, models, and years AutoAnything currently carries:

  • Dodge: 2002-2019
  • Toyota: 2004-2019
  • Chevy/GMC: 2007-2019
  • Ford: 2015-2019


Unlike with drop-in and spray-on bed liners, the Husky truck bed liners employ a non-abrasive closed-cell foam that won’t harm the bed of your truck. Once removed, your truck will look as good as new and be ready for resale.  Because Husky truck bed liners are easily cleaned; easily removed, and so durable, they hold their value well. Resale won’t be a problem.

How Long Do They Last?

Husky truck bed liners’ marine-grade polypropylene construction should last the lifetime of your truck. If you have any issues, feel free to contact us. Husky bed liners are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Other Perks and Features

Husky truck bed liners are proudly designed and built right here in the USA. Included with your purchase is a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping to the continental 48 states. Husky liners can be used with most other additions you have in your truck bed (e.g. tool boxes, cargo bags, tonneau covers, and more.) If you want to incorporate add-ons such as factory tie downs, you can certainly cut the truck bed liner to your specifications.

Rest Easy with Husky Truck Bed Liners

When you consider how much action your truck gets on a weekly basis it’s easy to see how it can get worn down and damaged. From bleach stains, UV rays, dings, scratches punctures, stains and more are waiting just around the corner. With Husky liners, you can put any fears to rest.  The Ultrafiber’s soft, non-abrasive, non-skid, UV-resistant, water-resistant, and extremely durable construction will keep your truck bed liner safe and looking as good as new for the rest of its miles.

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