DIY Everything: How to Install a Trailer Hitch

How to install a trailer hitch

Instead, you could buy yourself a tailor made solution that has been engineered by actual professionals that you can bolt right up in an afternoon — this is the right way to get it done.

Installing Your Trailer Hitch

Hitch mounts can be installed pretty much anywhere your vehicle is parked with just a few basic hand tools. We of course always recommend to check the hitch manufacturer’s instructions first. These should have any specific details that you need to know for your particular vehicle.

Here’s a basic rundown on how best to approach installation:

  1. After making sure your parking brake is set and your wheels are blocked, jack up your truck or SUV to give yourself plenty of clearance to install the hitch.
  2. Assemble the entire hitch per the manufacturer’s instructions but don’t tighten any of the bolts (if applicable).
  3. Some vehicles have pre-drilled holes to accept hitch mounts. If not, drill holes into your vehicle’s frame by using the loosely assembled hitch as a template.
  4. Using C-clamps, attach the hitch to the frame of your vehicle and bolt it into place, securely tightening the bolts on the hitch.
  5. Make all electrical connections for any of the brake lights and turn signals and test them to make sure they’re working before heading out.

Finding the Right Hitch for Your Setup

How to install a trailer hitch guide

Trailer Hitch Class Comparison Table
Trailer Hitch Class Guide courtesy of Curt Manufacturing

What Else You Should Know Before You Tow?

So what do you think? Anything I missed? Have a question on your towing setup? Drop a comment below!



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