Mind Over Throttle – Interview with Murda, the 2JZ Monster

Murda 2Z7 Lexus IS300

Welcome to Mind Over Throttle, a new interview series where we reach out to our favorite automotive content creators from all over the internet to pick their brains about what they do and why they do it. 

Murda from the online streaming world of Twitch.tv:

Murda has an absolute beast of an IS300 drag car, running the 1/4 mile in 8-second range. For reference, that’s a full two seconds faster than a Hellcat can do it! He also streams games and car content on his Twitch channel.

For our readers that don’t know you: Who are you, and what is your content primarily about?

  • Murda, the car and drag racing guy on Twitch!

What’s the closest call you’ve had in a drag race?

  • At Yellow Belly Drag Strip aka Hood Track, I almost hit the wall losing traction mid-track!

How much power is your 2JZ putting down? It sounds insane!

  • 1,000 horsepower at the wheels through a TH400 Auto

What’s next for the 4 door Supra?

  • Rollcage, more fuel, and weight reduction

If something happened to your IS300, what platform would you build on next?

  • Toyota GT86

What game are you digging the most right now to stream? Favorite racing game?

  • Ring of Elysium is pretty fun and free on Steam, I’m diggin that when I have friends to play it with. For a racing game, believe it or not, but yes, The Crew 2, lol

If someone wanted to get into drag racing, what would you tell them to buy to get started?

  • Tires, tires, tires!! Then suspension, then clutch or transmission work, then add the power!

Do you have any brands you’d like to give a shoutout too?

  • Not in particular, but definitely HUGE Shout to Power Dynamix in McKinney, Tx for all the help with my car! http://powerdynamix.com/

Plug your stuff! Where can people find you?

So there we have it, Murda, the beast himself. Now go check out his stuff! And if you think you’ve got what it takes, meet him at the drag strip and see if you can take him down the 1/4 mile (good luck)!

Have a favorite content creator that you’d like to see us interview? Drop a comment below!

Top image credit Ronnie Barnes



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