Introducing – Overland Gear Tried and Tested by Overlanders


We’ve watched the overland crowd grow from a few hardcore, off-grid living maniacs into a global phenomenon making up a huge segment of the off-road community. During that time, we also began noticing a growing number of dusty Land Cruisers, Jeeps, and lifted wagons in our parking lot, and began bringing on new overland brands and products to meet this growing market head-on.

“Overlanding? Pfft, I remember when it was just called off-roading” is something you may have heard (or thought yourself) as this trend has risen over the past decade or so. So why the name Overlander? Well if you ask us, “camping, but you have to drive over difficult terrain to get there and stuff” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, you know?

As we looked around the overland market, we noticed plenty of companies have jumped on this train already, but we also felt we were in a good position to do something a little different. That’s why we paired up with Clay and Rachelle Croft from Expedition Overland (XOverland) to curate and select products that not only our team over overlanders can trust, but would also get their stamp of approval as well.

However the partnership is a lot more than just overland gear and products, we’re pushing forward with a ton of helpful content guides and videos written by experienced overlanders, as well as sharing some crazy stories from the trail.

So swing by and see what we’ve been cooking up, and then let’s head out to the trail. We’re getting ready to hit The Maze out in the Canyonlands of Utah!Shop now


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