Joe’s 09 Ram 1500 HEMI Build


Joe’s Story:

“09 Ram 1500 HEMI.”

Joe, this isn’t much of a story about your truck so much as the year, make and model. Here’s how I’d like to imagine you found your beautiful truck:

“So there I was, driving down the road in my early 2000 Ram 1500 when I happened to drive past the dealer and I knew she was the one. Pulled in and managed to wrangle the sales guy into the best deal because of my master negotiation skills. Right off the bat I was in love but I knew there were some things that needed a change. First things first I added a leveling kit to eliminate the rake, some new Fuel wheels and Nitto tires to get her standing out from the rest. She has a HEMI so you know she’s fast, but I added a Superchips tuner so I’d leave the stock HEMI trucks in the dust. Next up was the bed liner and American Tonneau tonneau cover because she’s still a truck and needs to work when I need her too. This truck is a part of my family… until I drive past the dealer and see one of the new body style 2019 Ram 1500s.”

And in the famous words of Joe Dirt “It’s got a HEMI!”


Aftermarket Parts:


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