June 2019 Featured Friday: Dylan’s “What Warranty?” Rally Inspired Focus ST


The Story:

“Bought my 2017 Focus ST straight off the lot and wasted no time voiding the warranty. I have always wanted a rally car, and while I really wanted a Cosworth Escort, this was the closest thing I could get.

I decided to make my car everything it should have been from the factory. First I put in better rear sway bar, lowered it to get rid of wheel gap and make it handle a little firmer. I tuned it, added a 3in cat back exhaust and upgraded the intercooler. My dad and I custom built mounting brackets for my rally lights, and I added a Sparco race seat to hold me in place. To top it all off I have a carbon fiber intake.

This car is so special because no company has helped me build this car, I have been building this car since I was 19 now I am about to turn 22.”

As someone who grew up working on the family vehicles with my dad, it’s awesome to know that’s still alive. And who really needs a warranty right? It’s not like you drive a For…wait, on second thought maybe you should take some of those parts off. Kidding! Keep up the awesome work! The fine details like your custom light mounting bracket do not go unnoticed. Enjoy your rally inspired ride, and always take a moment to appreciate your turbo spool. 

The Extras:

Check out Dylan on IG @sir_mr_uncle_braap_master_97

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